Increase your Bottom Line with Outsourced IT Staffing Services

It is a well-known fact that professional prefer to switch jobs quite frequently. This phenomenon can have a direct negative impact on any business, no matter the size or industry. This is especially true in the IT industry, where companies spend a huge sum of money and countless hours to hire and train IT resources for a specific type of work. But after a few months or a year, the trained IT professionals leave the company to seek greener pastures. IT professionals don’t lose anything by switching jobs, but companies are at a severe loss, as the entire process of hiring and training has to be repeated.

If your business is going through such a cycle, you can consider the much better option of outsourcing IT staffing to India. Not only can you save on cost, but you can also save on time and effort. Moreover, your experienced resources can concentrate on core business activities, instead of spending endless hours on training new IT resources.

Does your company need IT staffing?
If your company is facing any of these problems, then you know for sure that you need to outsource IT staffing.

  • Your current IT projects are too large for your in-house IT staff to complete
  • Your company is facing an increase in IT turnover
  • Your business is seasonal / cyclic in nature with IT staff only required during certain seasons of the year
  • You want to give your IT staff vacation/holiday time without compromising on the everyday working needs of your business
  • You require IT resources only for a particular speciality like a VPN setup for a short term IT project

Benefits of staff augmentation services

  • Get experienced IT professionals with different areas of expertise at one-third of your current recruiting cost
  • Witness a substantial reduction in risks and cost, while seeing a rapid improvement in your staffing process and in the overall quality of your work
  • Freely work virtually with a team of IT professionals, without having to deal with administrative overheads
  • Easily ramp-up your IT project, with a handpicked team of skilled IT resources with abilities to quickly perform any task
  • Acquire trained IT professionals with special domain expertise, for both short and long-term projects
  • Save on costs related to HR resources, infrastructure, relocation and recruitment
  • See a sharp increase in your productivity with dedicated IT resources working on your assignments
  • Easily manage your team virtually with daily/weekly time sheets and work reports

IT staffing gives you the freedom to choose resources as per your need

Outsourcing staff augmentation to India can be very beneficial for your business as you have the freedom to choose IT resources as per your need. You can take your pick from full time equivalents ( 5 days a week for 8 hours a day), short term project resources with special IT skill sets, long term assignment professionals, part-time IT resources, contract-basis IT professionals or specialized IT candidates for confidential projects.

Outsourcing IT staffing is simple and easy!

Outsourcing staff augmentation to India is very simple and can be done for any type of business in and in any location (US, UK, Canada or Australia). All you have to do is tell your IT staffing provider of your exact requirements. The service provider will give you the resumes of their IT resources and you can interview selected candidate after having a look at all the CVs. You can then finalize on the resources that you want and sign an SLA (Service Level Agreement) with the service provider.

Why not try out IT staffing for your company today?


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