India is the Best Destination for KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing)

In the early days of outsourcing, India was only known for software development, but this trend has changed with Indian companies now being capable of offering every imaginable service. Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) is one such area where India is much sought after.  India’s large pool of expert knowledge professionals in varied sectors like Law, Biotechnology, Education, Paralegal Content, Pharmacy, Medicine, Design & Animation, Research & Development, Engineering, Analytics and Intelligence Services have made the country the best destination for KPO.

What is KPO?

Knowledge process outsourcing or KPO as it is commonly known is the outsourcing of core business functions that are an integral part of an organization’s value chain. KPO requires advanced technical as well as analytical skills. It also requires a high level of domain expertise and specialised knowledge. Outsourcing KPO helps global companies to reduce cost and get access to skilled labor.

What are the different types of KPO?

Almost any kind of research and information gathering can be outsourced to India. Popular KPO services include:

Why is India an ideal KPO destination?

  • India has a large availability of post-graduates, PhDs and MBAs with experience in KPO
  • India’s professionals are proficient in popular KPO software like SPSS, SAS and MS Excel. Indians are also highly proficient in English
  • As of 2012, the total market size of the KPO industry in India has reached over $15 billions
  • India currently caters to over 70% of the world’s KPO industry
  • As of 2012, the Indian KPO sector has employed over 250,000 knowledge process outsourcing professionals
  • India has trained KPO experts who have advanced analytical, technical and interpretation skills
  • India’s favorable government policies and time zone make it an ideal outsourcing location

Try outsourcing KPO to India

If your company is thinking about KPO, its time you got in touch with India. Outsource2india is a renowned KPO service provider in India with years of experience in market, financial and pharmaceutical research. Features such as, out Project Security, Quality Process, Turnaround Time and Business Benefits have set us apart from other KPO vendors.

What are some of the qualities that you will look for while choosing a KPO service provider? Do you think India is the best destination for KPO?

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