India is the World’s Best Outsourcing Hub

The acclaimed consulting firm AT Kearney has recently released reports that confirm India’s position as the world’s favourite back-office.  India’s deep skill sets and low cost services have been the main cause for India’s success as an outsourcing destination.

India is closely followed by China and Malaysia in the top 3 slots of AT Kearney’s 2012 Global Services Location Index (GSLI). All of the top 3 countries have enjoyed high rankings since the GLSI started in 2003, mainly because these three nations have large talent pools and low cost advantages.

Among these nations, India stands out as a leader, because the country is able to provide skilled manpower for any type of offshore service. Even after years of outsourcing, India continues to maintain a lion’s share of the world’s IT services market.

AT Kearney’s reports further states that India has proven itself as a leader in all dimensions of the outsourcing industry. India has raced ahead of other offshore locations by being a preeminent leader in all offshore services.

India’s strong English language skills have made it the best bet for customer support, while India’s large skilled resources produced from elite educational universities have made it an excellent location for IT and BPO services. India’s advantages have made the nation an unquestioned leader, with half a point ahead of China and a full point ahead of Malaysia.

The report also stated that Indian companies were moving up the value chain by enhancing into R&D and going beyond traditional service provider roles. Each outsourcing country was ranked based on their performance in varied categories like business environment, financial attractiveness and people/skills availability.

  • India offers an entire range of outsourcing services, be it customer support, transcription, data entry, CAD design or KPO
  • Outsourcers to India have experienced increased productivity and better efficiency
  • India has a large talent pool of skilled resources that are fluent in English and tech-savvy
  • Outsourcing to India has helped global companies to avail better quality services at an affordable cost
  • Indian service providers have helped global companies by sharing risks
  • Indian IT parks are equipped with the latest in technology and high-end infrastructure
  • Global companies have been able to meet stringent deadlines and provide 24/7 services with India’s unique 12 hour time zone difference

Have you outsourced to India, China or Malaysia? Which country was able to meet your business needs better? Tell us about your experiences with outsourcing.


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