The India Advantage!

Why has India become immensely popular among outsourcers? The answer is quite simple: Outsource to India and benefit from quality services at a lower cost. India is teeming with highly-skilled manpower, who can provide world-class services at lesser costs. You name it and India can provide it. Be it software services, support or any other services, you can find a partner in India who can carry out your requirements. India also has the highest number of IT companies in the world. Being prolific in English and in software skills, Indians have made India become the world’s most preferred outsourcing country. India is growing from better to best in this outsourcing era. Almost all IT giants have a base in India which provides support and services. So what has brought India to this enviable position? What has given India this advantageous edge?

Firstly India has a large manpower of well-educated English speakers who are proficient in computer skills and adept in software/ hardware skills. India also offers the advantage of maximized revenue and minimized costs. Outsourcers can gain from a double-benefit while outsourcing, since India offers high-quality services at a lower cost. This cost difference has proven to be a major differentiator, as there is whole lot of difference between in the costs in India and US. The time difference between India and the US has enabled US companies to provide 24-hours support to their customers. US outsourcers benefit the most from the time and cost difference. Other advantages include high-end technology and connectivity, world-class infrastructure, and a secure political and economical environment.

These advantages have made India the hottest place for outsourcing. Recent surveys have cited that more and more fortune 500 companies are outsourcing to India. Outsourcing partners in the US and UK have also benefited from India’s advantages. Outsourcing to India has proven to be a symbiotic relationship for India and the US/ UK. India is on the way to becoming the IT capital of the world. Outsource to India to get the India Advantage!

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