India – The Next Knowledge Process Outsourcing Hotspot

India is no longer the world’s favorite outsourcing destination only for BPO services or customer support. In the recent past, India has proved its mettle even in other services like Knowledge Process Outsourcing or KPO as it is popularly known.  In fact, today India is all set to lead the world’s KPO industry with its profuse talent and favorable outsourcing environment.  The following four factors have catapulted India into being the world’s top KPO outsourcing destination:

1. India has an abundance of KPO talent: India has a large abundance of rich technical talent in KPO-centric domains, who are readily available to take on KPO projects. India has more than 700 prestigious universities who annually produce over three million competent graduates.  The Indian nation is also the home of leading institutions such as, IIMs and IITs who create skilled indidividuals. Today, the KPO sector in India employees around 25,000 professionals. This number is only expected to double in the coming years. Experts predict that in the near future, more that 250,000 KPO professionals would be working out of India.

2. Indians are proficient in the English language:  Global companies have always loved to work with Indians as they are well-versed in English. This makes communication between both the parties extremely easy. Since India was an erstwhile British colony, English is a commonly spoken throughout the country. In fact, India is the second largest English speaking nation in the world.  Companies that are keen on outsourcing KPO services choose India mainly because of the country’s proficiency in English.

3. India offers cost-effective KPO services: Since India’s economy is still emerging; India’s KPO services are much more cost-effective when compared with the KPO services offered in developed countries.  By outsourcing KPO services to India, companies can save on cost, as the Indian Rupee is cheaper than other western currencies. Even countries like Ireland, Poland or Canada cannot compete with India’s low cost KPO services.

4. India has a favorable government: The Indian government has always favoured outsourcing, as India earns its foreign revenue from outsourcing.  Special Economic Zones or SEZs have been established throughout the nation to promote and popularize outsourcing. These zones are free from adhering to conventional labor laws. The Indian government even offers infrastructure at a subsidized price for SEZs.  IT outsourcing companies in India are not required to pay export taxes. Companies that outsource KPO services to India can greatly benefit from the government support offered in India.

Does your company want to outsource KPO services? If yes, then choose India as your outsourcing destination and leverage the advantages that only India offers.

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