Is risk-free outsourcing possible?

How do you trust someone who’s halfway around the world, who you’ve never met?

How do you hand over the future of your business to someone who’s only been a voice on the phone? It isn’t easy. But if you know what to look out for, you could be saving yourself a lot of trouble.

Be particular about choosing vendors who are sensitive to your apprehensions. Ask for references from previous customers they’ve worked for. While all of this may give you a fair idea of their communication and delivery timelines, how do you test them for their ability to actually carry out your need? That’s the acid test and can only be discovered through a sample or a pilot. Ask your vendor if he can perform a pilot for you, before you take the decision to outsource your entire project. Even if it means paying for it, its safer to invest in the reassurance of a pilot, than regret it later.
If you have a project you want to outsource and you’re wondering if the vendor will actually be able to perform it, try O2I’s pilot test project.

It is your first sure step to risk-free outsourcing.

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