Maintain Precise Ledgers by Outsourcing General Ledger Services

If you do not have an accurate summary of all your recent transactions, you will soon find that you cannot make informative business decisions about your company’s future. Without an up-to-date and precise general ledger, you will be unable to prepare income statements, trial balances or balance sheets. The efficient maintenance of a general ledger requires plenty of time, effort and expert accountants. If your business is short on time or resources, you can opt for outsourcing and leverage the benefits of a ledger that is clear, consistent and systematic.

10 benefits of outsourcing general ledger services

  • With the use financial reports, your staff will no longer be required to maintain sales books, purchase books or cash books
  • Save on the cost of investing and maintaining expensive accounting software and technology
  • Save on time, effort and cost which can be channelled into your business critical functions
  • Review all your expenditures and incomes on a yearly, monthly or quarterly basis
  • Get correct and up-to-date information about the overall financial health of your business
  • Get an overview of all your profits and losses along with a detailed review of your incomes and expenditures
  • Submit expert financial statements of your account for audits and taxes
  • Use financial reports to evaluate the actual and current status of your company’s finances
  • Provide your managers, proprietors and other decision makers with the latest accounting details, while making critical business decisions
  • Get an error-free general ledger completed within a quick turnaround time of 6, 12 or 24 hours
  • Get a detailed summary of your capital, expenses, revenue, liabilities and assets

General ledgers are best handled by experts

If you don’t have experienced and trained accountants to manage your general ledger, then it is best outsourced to an expert accounting service provider. Here’s why:

  • Experienced accountants are trained to quickly spot and rectify errors while making manual journal entries. With an expert handling your general ledger, you can quickly see a sharp reduction in the number of errors
  • Trained accountants are capable of fast data entry and will not waste time on recognizing, understanding and handling the issues that come up during the general ledger accounting process
  • A skilled accountant can correctly recognize mismatches or errors in the journal entries. With experts handling your general ledger, you can be sure that all your details (posting date, descriptions, debits or credits) are correct
  • A certified accountant can work quickly to enter your journal entry transactions, approve your journal entries and make sure that all the entries are in line with current accounting practices
  • Certified accountants have the capability to use the latest accounting software, work on dual monitors (to minimize errors) and follow the double entry bookkeeping system

Why not outsource the maintenance of your general ledger today and leverage the benefits of an accurate and up-to-date ledger.

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