Making the Outsourcing Relationship Work

Outsourcing has its pros and cons and organizations that have outsourced would have experienced both the sides of outsourcing. However the key to successful outsourcing depends on ensuring a good relationship with your outsourcing provider. Have you ever been in an outsourcing relationship which turned out to be unsuccessful? If so, then read the following steps to find out how you can make your outsourcing relationship work.

1. Good Communication

Good communication is vital to any successful relationship and the same holds good in an outsourcing relationship. When you outsource your work, make sure that you clearly specify your goals and the deadlines. Send your outsourcing provider all your specifications, so that there are no confusions or misunderstandings. Check with your outsourcing provider if he has understood your specifications. The most important thing to keep in mind is to stay in touch with your outsourcing provider as frequently as possible. Let your outsourcing partner know when you will be available online and how they can contact you if they have any queries. By using instant messenger, skype, email and wikis, you can easily communicate with your outsourcing partner throughout the life cycle of the project.

2. Finding the Right Outsourcing Provider

Finding the right outsourcing partner for your project can go a long way in making the outsourcing relationship work. Don’t hire the first outsourcing provider that you find. Also don’t go by the cost factor while choosing a provider. Find a provider who is best suited for the work. Conduct tests and asks detailed questions to find out if your outsourcing provider understands your requirements and is capable of carrying out your work.

3. Well-defined Outcomes

Stating the deadline to your outsourcing partner is very critical in making your outsourcing relationship work. If you do not have any well-defined timelines and date of completion, your outsourcing provider may not complete the work on time and may not have an aim to work towards to. If you do not mention a timeline, your outsourcing provider would not understand your urgency and would take a long time to complete a project. Ensure that your well-defined outcomes are mentioned to your outsourcing provider.

4. Well-defined Methodology

If you want your outsourcing provider to send you a daily/weekly status report, make sure that you communicate this to him at the start of the project. Make your methodologies clear to your outsourcing partner. Whether you require regular updates or detailed instruction, make them know to your outsourcing provider.

5. Using Tools, Technologies & Software

Check with your outsourcing partner if he knows how to use the tools, software and technologies that you use. Hire an outsourcing partner who has hands-on-experience on the tools that you want to be used for your project. Communicating this at the start of the project can go a long way in making the outsourcing relationship work.

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