Missing Out Business Deals because of Missed Calls?

Are you missing out Business Deals because of missed calls? The cost of one missed call could be the best customer you ever had. Did you know that 80% of people hang up when they hear voicemail and prefer real people to answer their call? The way you answer your customers over the telephone says a lot about your business.

An automatic voicemail can leave an unprofessional impression on your customers and thereby result in missed business deals. However, personally answering calls all day can take your focus away from core business activities. The way out of such a dilemma is to outsource call answering to India.

5 reasons why you need to outsource your calls

  • You can work more efficiently and focus on core business activities
  • You will never have to miss a call again and thereby get all customer requests and enquiries
  • Save on precious time as your virtual receptionist will handle time consuming calls
  • Leave a good impression on new customers and increase the satisfaction level of existing customers by getting a human voice to answer your calls.
  • Reduce your overhead cost by eliminating the need to hire expensive in-house call answering staff

Virtual receptionists are ideal for both small and large businesses

Outsourcing telephone answering services to India can benefit your business no matter the size. If you are a small business owner, you can get a part time virtual receptionist to answer your calls when you are busy. Or if you run a large company, you can avail the services of full time virtual receptionists at a low cost, instead of hiring expensive in-house resources.

Outsourcing call answering is convenient

Outsourcing call answering to India is very convenient, as you can decide what exactly you want to outsource. You can outsource all of your calls, your second telephone line or your overflow. You can even outsource only when you go on holidays or when you are engaged with other work. Whatever you choose, telephone answering services can help you work smarter.

India is the best destination for telephone answering services

  • Indian outsourcing service providers like Outsource2india, use the very latest in telephony and computer equipment to ensure that every call is answered both quickly and efficiently
  • All your calls will be answered in your company‚Äôs name and your customers will never know that your receptionists are not sitting in your office
  • Diverting your calls to India is very simple and easy. You can also choose the option of diverting all your calls, only your second line or only when you are on holiday
  • The virtual receptionist in India will only answer calls after being thoroughly briefed about your business. From VIP calls to everyday sales calls, you can be assured that every call will be handled with professionalism
  • Once a call is answered, your service provider in India will immediately send you an email or text message will all the caller details and the message

Why not hire a virtual assistant from India to answer your calls today?

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