Outsource Beyond Bangalore: India’s Top Five Outsourcing Hot Spots

If you thought that Bangalore is the only outsourcing hotspot in India, then you need to think again. With rising inflation in India’s largest tech hub, global companies are now considering other Indian cities, where they can increase profits and enjoy more cost savings. If your company wants to boost your profits, then you may want to think beyond Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai or Hyderabad. Here’s a sneak peak at what some lesser-known Indian cities have to offer the global market.

Outsourcing experts at the Dallas-based Alsbridge research company have brought out a list of India’s top five up-and-coming cities suitable for outsourcing ventures.

1. Ahmadabad: Alsbrigde ranks the city of Ahmadabad at number one. This city is home to the acclaimed Gujarat University that churns out a large number of skilled graduates. The local government is supporting the outsourcing industry by making widespread infrastructural improvements across the city. Oracle and Hewlett-Packard are some of the famous Western companies already operating from Ahmadabad. Outsourcing experts have voted for this city as India’s most attractive outsourcing location.

2. Nagpur: Next on the Alsbridge list, is the city of Nagpur, which has several universities and colleges, including the famous Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology. Satyam and Oracle are already tapping into the large and cheap labor pool in this city.

3. Kochi: The city of Kochi is ranked at number three by outsourcing experts in Alsbridge. This city has a well-known Mahatma Ghandi University that has been producing a large number of skilled resources at a low cost. After Kochi’s cooperation with the government of Dubai, the city has been renamed as “Smart City”. Hewlett-Packard, Wipro and ACS are some of the famous companies that have set up base in Kochi.

4. Visakhapatnam: Coming in at the fourth position is the city of Visakhapatnam, which is home to the prestigious Andhra University and several other technology-related institutions. At present, an exclusive IT zone is being constructed by the government. TCS and Satyam have set up business in this fast developing city.

5. Mangalore: The city of Mangalore is ranked at number five by Alsbridge’s outsourcing experts who say the city is an alternative outsourcing location. The Mangalore University has been steadily producing skilled IT professionals. This city currently has three large IT parks under construction. Mphasis and Wipro are some of the famous companies that have offices in Mangalore.

The message to global companies looking to outsource: There is outsourcing beyond the Silicon Valley of India (Bangalore).

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