Outsource Translation Services to India

Are you unable to reach out to a larger number of customers because of a hindrance caused by language? You might be already successfully selling your products/services to customers who speak English, but you might be unable to reach out to the Hispanic or French market because all your marketing material is in English.

You can now resolve this problem by simply outsourcing translation services to India. All you have to do is send in your documents, advertisements, brochures or catalogs in English via FTP, Fax or Courier. Within a few days, you can get all of the above translated into the language of your choice, be it French, German or Spanish. You can even get a complete website translated into the language of your choice.

In case you own an established business in France, Spain or Germany, but want to reach out to English speaking customers, you can then again make use of translation services. By simply translating your offline/online marketing material into English, you can reach out to customers across the globe.

Translation services that can be outsourced to India

You can outsource any of the following translation services to India:

  • General translation
  • Website translation
  • Marketing translation
  • Medical translation
  • Technical translation
  • Literary translation
  • Certified translation
  • Legal translation
  • Audio and video translation
  • Healthcare, pharma and biotech document translation
  • Translation of brochures, leaflets and catalogs
  • Translation of instruction and training manuals
  • Translation of banking and financial documents
  • Software localization

Choose Outsource2india for translation services

Outsource2india is one of India’s leading providers of translation services. The O2I team is made of experienced translators who are adept at French, German and Spanish translation services. O2I has gone a step further from other translation providers by using native Spanish translators to translate documents from Spanish to English and vice versa.

O2I does not use any software to translate documents. Since any document given to O2I for translation is manually translated, you can be sure that the content is accurate and devoid of any sentence, grammar and contextual errors.

The translators at Outsource2india follow two types of processes. In the voice to text process, the English voice files are first converted into English text files. The English text is then translated into Spanish, French or German. The translated text is again translated back into English to check the accuracy of the translation.

In the text to text process, the English text is first translated into Spanish, French or German text. The translated text is again translated into English to check the accuracy of the translation. As a customer of O2I, you have the freedom to choose any process which suits your requirements the best.

Outsource2india offers the following benefits:

  • Low turnaround time of 12-24 hours
  • Cost-effective prices
  • Experienced translators
  • Capability to translate from any foreign language to English and from English to any foreign language
  • Quality Assurance processes to check the accuracy of the translated content

Read more about Outsource2india’s translation services. Translate your marketing material into different languages and reach out to more customers.

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