The Benefits of Outsourcing Accounting Services to India

Firms dealing with accounting, bookkeeping and tax preparation cannot remain static in the U.S. These firms have to constantly change for the better. In the U.S, the government makes modifications and changes to the laws. Since the laws are changed every year, U.S CPAs have to take a CPA exam every year. This is done to ensure that U.S CPAs are up to date with the latest laws, guidelines and rules. With such stringent regulations, CPA firms in the U.S find it much simpler to outsource their accounting services to countries like India. There has been an increase in bookkeeping outsourcing over the past few years and the number of bookkeeping services being outsourced to India has been only increasing.

CPA firms in the U.S feel that outsourcing services such as bookkeeping services and tax preparation services, when outsourced to India can help them to perform better on other accounting functions. Thus CPA firms now outsource bookkeeping services to India and pay more attention to work like consulting services, auditing services, marketing services and other accounting services. The only concern in accounting outsourcing has been security and confidentiality issues. This is because the accounting information sent to India has to be kept secure and confidential. But this is no longer a problem, as accounting organizations in India have stringent security and confidentiality measures in place. However, you can check with your outsourcing partner about the security measures employed at the organization.

Your firm may have to provide 24x7x 365 customer support services for your customers. In this case, you can outsource to India. You can outsource your bookkeeping services to an organization that can also provide customer support services to your customers. There are several CPA firms in the U.S who choose to outsource their bookkeeping services only because of this reason. This is a major benefit, because your organization can get customer support services and bookkeeping services at a cost-effective price.

Another big benefit of outsourcing bookkeeping services to India is the cost advantages that a U.S CPA firm can benefit from. Outsourcing to India can help firms save on their operating and overhead costs. U.S firms need not invest in infrastructure, expensive software, licenses for software, employees needed for support and the latest technologies amongst others. Firms can also save on training and recruiting costs as new manpower need not be hired for new functions. Since all of these costs are taken care of by the outsourcing partner, CPA firms can benefit financially by outsourcing.

Outsourcing accounting services gives you the benefit of outsourcing what you want to outsource. In case, you don’t want to outsource all your services or an entire project, you can outsource a part of it and still benefit from the advantages that outsourcing offers. In the case of bookkeeping services, you need not outsource all your bookkeeping functions. You can keep back the services that you do not want to outsource and perform them in-house.

Outsourcing also removes the worry of re-training staff every time the accounting laws get changed or modified. Your outsourcing partner will be in-charge of training and of keeping the bookkeeping staff up-to-date with the latest accounting rules and regulations. Accounting firms in the U.S are always constantly in the need of more CPAs and there is a shortage of CPAs in the U.S. When firms acquire more clients who have larger requirements, finding CPAs can be challenge. But with outsourcing, this is not a problem. In countries such as India, there are a number of CPAs who are available. Your outsourcing partner would find no problem in finding and recruiting CPAs.

Outsource your accounting services to India and take advantage of the benefits that India offers in accounting services.

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