Outsourcing Animation Services to India

Outsourcing animation services to India is getting bigger everyday! Global animation companies have realized India’s high potential in the creative field of animation services. Today, the big names in the animation industry, such as, Sony, Pixar, Imax and Walt Disney amongst others have started tapping the animation talent in India. India has become the numero uno destination for outsourcing animation services.
Global entertainment giants constantly require animation services for animated movies, advertisements, television commercials and also for computer games. India’s skilled animators are both talented and proficient. Apart form this; India’s animation services are cost-effective! All these factors have made India an ideal place to outsource animation services to. Outsource animation services to India and get access to high-quality animation services at a cost-effective price.

Global animation companies are even outsourcing full-length animation movies to India. Rainbow Productions, an Italian production house has outsourced their entire animation film to India. Applied Gravity, an animation company in New Zealand has outsourced more than 90% of their total work to India. Even Walt Disney has outsourced most of its animation work to India. Foreign animation channels have also started buying animation programs and animation films created in India.

The speed of outsourcing animation services to India is on a high rise. The skilled and cost-effective animation services offered in India is drawing global animation giants, such as Warner Brothers, Pixar, Sony Entertainment, Disney etc to set up animation contracts with Indian animation companies. India is emerging into becoming the world’s animation hub. Indians are fluent in English and are also well-trained in using the latest animation software. These two factors have made animation companies choose India over other companies when outsourcing their animation services.

India has a good number of animation studios and this is yet another reason why animation companies are outsourcing animation services to India. These Indian animation studios have high-end technology and best-of-breed infrastructure. Indian animation studios also use the latest in animation software. The cost-advantage that India offers in animation services has been yet another reason why animation companies are outsourcing to India. While in the U.S animation services could cost more than 135$ an hour, the same animation services can be availed in India for a cost-effective price of 20 to 25$ per hour!

Outsource animation services to India and tap the competent animation services offered in India. Outsource animation services to India and give your animation company a competitive edge!

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