Outsourcing Financial and Accounting Services to India

Outsourcing financial and accounting services to countries such as India can help CPA firms benefit from maximized profits and minimized expenses. CPA firms in the U.S are increasingly outsourcing to India either to save on manpower, to get expertise services or to simply benefit from India’s cost-effective financial services. CPA firms can greatly benefit from the advantages that India offers in the realm of financial outsourcing and thereby see an increase in their profits.

Before going ahead with financial outsourcing, ensure that you are sure about what you are outsourcing and what you expect from your outsourcing partner. This primary step is very important because this will grantee your success at outsourcing your financial and accounting services to India. Some other steps to keep in mind, would be measure the amount of work that can be outsourced and then analyze which part of the work can be efficiently done in-house.

Check if the accounting work that you are going to outsource is tax preparation and processing, which take place at a particular time in the year or regular financial and accounting work like payroll processing and bookkeeping. These steps are vital because only then you will be sure about how much of your work you will be outsourcing and the number of people that you will require for your work. Such planning would ensure the success of your outsourcing venture.

Security is highly important in outsourcing financial and accounting services. Ensure that your outsourcing partner is strict about security and has security measures. Most outsourcing vendors in India have stringent security measures in place and place high value on security and confidentiality. But nevertheless it is always better to check if there will be total security and confidentiality when outsourcing your accounting and financial services.

After you have decided to outsource and have charted out your requirements, speak to other CPA firms who have outsourced their accounting and financial services. This will give you a feel about what outsourcing financial and accounting services are like. The experience of other CPA firms can also help you avoid common pitfalls while outsourcing financial and accounting services.

Finding a good outsourcing partner is perhaps the most crucial step in the outsourcing process. Find a partner who can provide you with cost-effective services and at the same time do not compromise on quality. Ensure that your partner provides high-quality work at a cost-effective price. Quick turnaround time is another factor that you must check for.

Find out if your vendor provides 24/ 7 support, this is highly important because then you can see the state of your work and access it at anytime. Visiting a few outsourcing vendors and reviewing their technology and infrastructure can help you finalize on the ideal outsourcing partner for your CPA firm. Check your outsourcing partner’s security measures, level of expertise and the skill level of the employees. Such checkpoints would enable you to find a right partner. Outsource your firm’s financial and accounting services to India and reap the benefits that India offers.

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  1. Outsourcing the financial accounting tasks is a good way to lessen the load of accounting department, a sample of that is bookkeeping most accountant doesn’t do this so most companies outsource their bookkeeping and when they outsource there’s always a staff that is available for the task because it’s their specialization.

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