Outsourcing Imaging Services to India

India, a pioneer in outsourcing has been providing services that cater to a wide range of industries. India has always been a preferred outsourcing location because of its low costs, quick turnaround time, high-quality services and high productivity. India has expertise and experience in the field of imaging and can provide professional and competitive services. If you want a perfect and flawless image, then outsourcing imaging services to India would be an ideal choice.

India provides a wide range of imaging services, such as, photo color correction services, photo restoration services, photo glamorization services, digital photo enhancement, photo retouching services, photo colorization services and photo background replacements services amongst others. Outsourcing imaging services to India can give you access to professional and proficient services at a competitive price.

Imaging professionals in India can efficiently convert all images from the raw format into the JPEG format and perform color correction, cropping and density correction. Indian imaging professionals are also skilled at adjusting the white balance, blankness and saturation level. India is also skilled at offering image enhancement services, such as, removing color casting, adjusting the level of color and so on. If you require restoration services, then outsourcing to India would be an ideal choice.

Indians are skilled at providing a wide range of photo restoration services and can efficiently restore black and white photos into color, add a missing person to a group photo, change the background and so on. India also has the skills to change minute details in photos. Outsourcing imaging services to India, can also give you access to path fixing services and blending services.

Professional Indian designers use the latest in imaging technology and imaging software. Skilled Indian imaging professionals work on adobe CS3 and used the latest plug-ins to deliver professional imaging services. Indian imaging professionals also use the latest in imaging technologies, such as HDR and masking. Outsource imaging services to India for high-quality and accurate imaging services.

Outsource2india has been providing flawless imaging services to a large number of global customers. O2I’s professionals are experienced in the nuances of imaging. At O2I, we use the latest imaging software and technology to provide our customers with 100% accurate services. O2I provides a wide array of imaging services which include, image stitching, image editing, conversion of raw to jpeg, post-processing imaging services, image enhancement services, image restoration services and path fixing services amongst others.

Outsource imaging services to India and give your organization a competitive advantage!

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