What’s in store for outsourcing in 2008?

In the last 10 years outsourcing has grown by leaps and bounds. If you are already outsourcing your services or if you are yet to join the gang, then you might be concerned about the changes that are taking place in the outsourcing arena. Experts on outsourcing have made many predictions about how the outsourcing business in 2008 is going to turn out. Although predictions are just predictions and may never turn into reality, it is wise to look over some of the predictions on outsourcing, before you begin to leap into the popular outsourcing bandwagon.

Since most businesses today depend on offshore outsourcing, experts have foretold that organizations who are outsourcing their services will concentrate more on ensuring the success of their outsourced work. Even though organizations outsourcing their work to outsourcing locations have dealt with problems, such as, bad communication, increased staff turnover, time delays, wrong software codes and so on, companies have not stopped outsourcing.

The year 2008 will be a year of transformation. Outsourcing experts have predicted that there will be a transformation in the way outsourcing relationships work. While the company outsourcing will spend more effort on building the outsourcing relationship, checking the status of the project on a constant basis and making sure the project is a success, the outsourcing provider will work on increased efficiency and providing bug-free services.

Another prediction that outsourcing experts are expecting is the rise in cost. India, a pioneer and leader in offshore outsourcing my increase its prices, but organizations would continue to outsource to India on a large scale, because India offers a twin advantage of cost saving and expertise. In the year 2008, India will continue to grow exponentially as a leader in providing a gamut of outsourcing solutions.

India has proved her worth over the years and show her expertise in providing a wide range of services, such as, call center services, creative services, digital image editing services, web analytics services, engineering services, research & analytics services, healthcare services, data management services, financial services and software services amongst others.

Just as India has been predicted to rule the outsourcing playground, more work is predicted to being outsourced t other outsourcing contenders such as, china, latin America, eastern Europe and the Philippines amongst others. Although work might be outsourced to the above countries, India will still retain its place as the world’s most preferred outsourcing location. India has faced scarce competition when it comes to expertise, talent, skill, proficiency and cost-effective services.

On the whole outsourcing is all set to take a whole new definition in the year 2008.

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