Outsourcing Medical Transcription to India Can Help You Reduce Costs!

If your hospital, healthcare clinic or medical facility wants to cut down on costs while still maintaining quality, a key area that can be easily outsourced could be medical transcription. Most healthcare experts feel that healthcare providers can significantly reduce their costs during this economic crisis, by simply outsourcing their medical transcription work to India.

Since medical transcription is not a core competency of healthcare facilities, it is best outsourced, as your hospital can stand to gain from the efficient and cost-effective services of a professional transcription company in India. If your healthcare institution has still not made a decision to outsource, consider outsourcing your medical transcription processes to India and get access to the advantages that India offers.

Here are a few advantages of outsourcing transcription services to India:

Cost-effective services

Cost efficiency is what every healthcare facility is looking for during these tough times. You can significantly cut down on costs, by outsourcing medical transcription to India. As the cost of hiring skilled transcribers is cheaper in India, you can get all your transcription done at half the cost!

Increased accuracy

Indian transcription companies have trained and experienced transcribers who can expertly transcribe your medical voice files at an accuracy rate of 99%! You can never get access to such a high level of accuracy at anywhere else other than India. This is because, Indian medical transcribers are trained in medical terminology and other medical terms commonly used by physicians.

Skilled medical transcribers

An Indian medical transcription company can give you access to a qualified pool of medical transcribers. All you have to do is outsource your medical transcription work and leave the rest to your offshore transcription provider. You can thus save on the cost and trouble of hiring, training and managing a team of transcribers in-house.


Without making a huge capital investment, you will be able to get access to cutting-edge technologies, software and infrastructure, by simply outsourcing transcription services to India.

Faster turnaround time

Your Indian medical transcription provider can offer you with a turnaround that ranges between 12-24 hours! You could also send in your voice files on weekends and on holidays, as most Indian transcription companies’ work 24/7. Since India has a favorable time zone, you can send in your voice files at night and have them transcribed in the morning, as India’s mornings are your nights.


If you are a first time outsourcer or if you are looking for a reliable medical transcription provider in India, you can opt for Outsource2india, a leading provider of medical transcription services. Read more about Outsource2india’s medical transcription services and make a decision to outsource today!

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