Handling the Outsourcing Relationship

Most organizations are now choosing outsourcing. In order to save on cost, time and effort most organizations feel the need to outsource one or more of their business processes. Although organizations choose outsourcing, some organizations remain unhappy and unsatisfied with outsourcing. This generally happens when organizations don’t maintain a good relationship with their outsourcing partners or when the outsourcing relationship is out of balance.

When organizations and offshore companies do not communicate or interact with each other, problems and issues arise out of misunderstanding and miscommunication. Since outsourcing has become a necessity, it is important to know how to improve the outsourcing relationship with your outsourcing partner and also to know how to make the most out of the outsourcing relationship. Keeping the balance in your outsourcing relationship is highly important.

Choose an outsourcing partner who is most suitable to meet your requirements. Work out the amount ahead to know how much you would be paying. Also re-check the cost with your partner before closing the deal. Analyze your project and check if training would be required. At the onset, make sure that the contract is clear, the documents are signed and the deals closed. This must all be double-checked to avoid future misunderstandings.

But once you choose your partner and start operations, do not end with that. Go the extra mile to chip in time and effort into the outsourcing relationship. Speak to your offshore partner on a regular basis and pay attention if your partner is experiencing difficulties or issues. Make advanced appointments in your calendar and regularly discuss problems and issues. Don’t wait till issues become too much to handle. Speaking out openly can help clear such issues. On the other hand, keep all your communications with your offshore partner formal. Ensure that your organization and the offshore partner organization understand how each others businesses work. This will go a long way in making the outsourcing relationship successful.

Ensuring that all aspects of the outsourced project are handled is very critical. Appoint employees at your organization to handle the outsourcing project. This way there would not be pending issues, unsolved problems, unresolved conflicts etc, as everything would be addressed at the first level itself. Regularly check into the status of the project and provide regular feedback to your outsourcing partner. This way your outsourcing partner would understand where he is going wrong and will ensure that the errors are corrected.

Most of all make sure that your organization’s stakeholders are absolutely sure about outsourcing and the offshore partner before outsourcing. This is very important, as commitment is much needed in outsourcing. Once you have committed to an offshore partner, do not change your mind, when you find a partner providing cheaper services. Trusting your outsourcing partner and keeping the right balance will definitely put you on the road to success!

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