Outsourcing Web Analytics Services to India

Today, organizations can outsource almost any service to India. Since India has a large talent pool of resources, high-end infrastructure and the latest technology, India can provide any service with efficiency, skill and proficiency. The latest trend in outsourcing has been the outsourcing of web analytics services to India. Indian web analytics service providers have been providing global organizations with technology-driven web analytics services. The web analytics outsourcing service providers in India uses a wide variety of web analytics tools that help them conduct efficient web analysis. Indian web analytics service providers use 16 web analytics tools to track and understand the blogs and websites of different global organizations.

The following are a list of web analytics tools that Indian web analytics service providers use to provide high-end web analytics services.

Google Analytics

Web analytics outsourcing providers in India use Google analytics to find out information about where visitors came from and how they interacted within the website. Armed with this critical information, you can write better content, write more content, build better ads, develop high-conversion websites and improve your marketing strategies. Google analytics is a free web analytic tool.


By using the sitemeter tools, you can get access to important information and data about the audience who visit your website. You will be able to know more about how your visitors found your website, where they came from and what are their interests.


Perceptions is a powerful web analytics tool that can help you analyze customer behavior. You can get information about what your customers want. Based on this information you can make changes to your website.


This web analytics tool can help you measure and test all the aspects of your online experience. By using this tool, you can increase your conversion rates and improve your visitor engagement. This tool can give you answers about how to improve your online business.


This tool can give you give you insight about the step-by-step behavior of your customers throughout the enterprise and within interactive systems. With the informative data that click fox provides, you can modify your business objectives to meet your customers’ requirements.


This web analytics tool has an automation and elimination of tagging feature that enables the delivery of enterprise analytics. This tool can be configured for different levels of service, based on your requirements.


This tool can be used to get a precise, accurate and clear record of your visitors’ behavior on your website. The data will be stored on the secure database of coremetrics.


This web analytics tool can help you get access to conversion, ROI, campaign tracking, A/B testing, CRM, data mining and visitor segmentation amongst others.


This web analytics tool can automatically gather and store data. You can easily report, share or present data by using the tools provided by fireclick.


This tool can give you insight about the behavior of your visitors. This informative data can help you make effective changes, increase the conversion rate and improve the effectiveness of your online marketing strategies.


This web analytics tool can give you precise and real-time reports on the performance of your website, online campaigns and e-marketing strategies.


This web analytics tool can help you increase the effectiveness of your website. Nedstat provides a wide range of reporting possibilities on conversion, content and campaigns amongst others.


This tool can give you real-time information about your marketing and online strategies/initiatives. You can get information about the most profitable areas in your website and how different visitors to your website are interacting.

Site Clarity

This web analytics tool can give you access to the behavior of customers in an accurate, precise and clear format. This tool can provide you with customized reports that would specifically meet your business needs.


This web analytics tool is a highly reliable tool that has an invisible web tracker, a configurable hit counter and detailed website statistics.


Webabacus can help you find the areas of your website which are most productive. This tool can help you improve the effectiveness of your marketing strategies and find out more about the customers who are visiting your website. You can also find out about the areas in your website which are not performing well.

Outsourcing Web Analytics Services to O2I

At Outsource2india (O2I) we provide technology-driven, professional and cost-effective web analytics services. Outsource software configuration services, data auditing services, dashboard creation services, reporting and analysis services and website optimization services to O2I and get access to highly informative data about your website. We have a professional, skilled and well-trained team of web analytics professional who can provide you with the right analysis of your website. Our web analytics team uses the latest web analytics tools and is proficient at using a wide variety of tools. Outsource to O2I and see a transformation in your online business.

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