5 Frequently Asked Questions on Virtual Staging

Virtual staging uses real-life furnishings and décor to virtually stage the photographs of a vacant home, thereby creating exceptional life-like photos for buyers. Read about the five FAQs about virtual staging.

Are you looking for a cost-effective alternative to traditional staging of vacant homes? If yes, what you need is virtual staging. This formidable technological advancement has been making waves in the real estate industry. With the help of virtual staging, you can use real-life furnishings and décor to virtually stage the photos of a vacant home, thereby creating exceptional life-like photos for clients.

Here are five FAQs on virtual staging.

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6 Tips to Make Your Newsletter Design More Appealing

Did you know that a good-looking newsletter can increase your click rate and ROI, while making sure that your customers get positive vibes about your enterprise? Read this blog post to find out what you can do to create a visually appealing newsletter.

If you want your email-campaigns to be successful, you will need an effective newsletter design. Designing a captivating newsletter will help your customers remember you. With a good-looking newsletter, you can increase your click rate and your return on investment. Research has shown that your customers will have a positive tendency towards your company and your products with a visually appealing newsletter.

Here are six tips to create a visually appealing newsletter:

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Why Your Enterprise Should Outsource Infrastructure Management?

Are you trying to juggle your enterprise and infrastructure at the same time? Do you want to focus more on your core business? Read this blog post to find out why you should outsource infrastructure management.

Did you know the smooth functioning of your IT infrastructure is the key to effective business operations? This is why your enterprise should focus on gaining 100% IT efficiency. However, the process of maintaining your infrastructure can be difficult. Trying to secure, optimize, manage and support your infrastructure on a regular basis would require you to maintain a secure computing infrastructure, hire a team of skilled professional, provide a flexible IT infrastructure, ensure adequate bandwidth, manage expanding infrastructure and get in touch with product vendors.

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What is Geotagging Data Entry? Why Your Business Needs It?

The process of adding geographical information to images, videos, social media pages and websites in the form of metadata is known as geotagging. Find out how geotagging can help your business.

Is your business looking at digitally mapping your location? If yes, what you need is geotagging. Pinpointing exact positions on the map can give your business an opportunity to share integral geographical points of interests with customers or on your social media handles /business website. Geotagging can not only be used to tag your location, but can be used for videos, images, social media pages and websites. The list is indeed endless.

Geotagging refers to the process of adding geographical information to different media in the form of metadata. The data will consist of coordinates like longitude, latitude, bearing, altitude, distance and place names. When geotagging is added to an image, customers can get specific information about details like where the picture was taken or even the exact location of friend who logged in to view the picture. With outsourcing, you can avail accurate geotagging data entry services, without having to take your focus away from your core business.

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5 Questions to Ask before Outsourcing Bookkeeping or Accounting

Are you planning to outsource bookkeeping or accounting services? If yes, ask these five security related questions to the service provider before outsourcing.

You want your bookkeeping and accounting to be perfect, but hiring an in-house accountant or a part-time bookkeeper is not possible for your business right now. Perhaps you do not have the budget for a full-time CPA or you don’t have the time to manage an in-house bookkeeper. Whatever be your problem, outsourcing is the ideal solution. However, you must exercise caution while outsourcing, as you will be sending a huge deal of sensitive and important financial information to a third party.

If you are on the verge of facing outsourcing with a lot of trepidation, we can help you get sorted. To protect your enterprise and to calm your fears, it is critical to know what questions to ask to make sure that your data is safe and secure. Here are a few to help you get started.

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Why Outsource PCB Design and Layout Services?

Outsourcing PCB design and layout services is not only about reductions in time, effort and cost. Read this blog post to find out how outsourcing PCB design can be beneficial in more than one way.

Did you know that designing a printed circuit board (PCB) from scratch requires a high level of expertise, along with an experienced team of resources? This is the reason why both start-ups and established enterprises are moving towards outsourcing their electronic design services. Outsourcing PCB design and layout services is not only about saving on time and cost. Outsourcing can bring in more than one advantage. Let us explore why it is more beneficial to outsource the design of printed circuit boards.

  • Reduced cost of development: Starting a PCB design process from scratch can be expensive due to capital equipment expenditures. Thorough outsourcing, you will not have to make heavy investments on tools and experience. This can significantly lower your operational costs. The outsourcing service provider will already have been following established workflows and using cost-saving tools, thus enabling you to leverage low-cost services for PCB design.
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What are the Most Popular Online Market Research Methods?

Did you know that online market research methods are more effective, convenient and cost-friendly when compared with traditional market research methods? Find out more.

In the not-so-distant past, market research was a tedious, expensive, and distinctively complex manual process, usually carried out without standardized techniques. With the arrival of the internet, limitations in market research have been reduced considerably. Online market research has successfully beaten hurdles like the excessive cost of research, protracted timelines, and heavy workloads.

Traditional limitations of market research have been substantially reduced with the help of the internet. In addition, the possibilities for better quality research through online market research continues to grow by the day. Formidable hurdles to traditional market research such as excessive costs, heavy workloads, and protracted timelines no longer exist, thanks to online market research.

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Why Choose a Call Center with Live Call Monitoring?

Did you know that live call monitoring can effectively train agents, improve best practices and increase the overall efficiency of a call center? If you plan on outsourcing call center services, you will need to choose a call center that offers live call monitoring. Find out why.

When global enterprises outsource call center services, they expect quality customer support services. What better way to ensure quality customer support, than live call monitoring? Live call monitoring refers to the process of listening to an agent and caller in real-time, to ensure that quality standards are being met. When outsourcing, be sure to choose a service provider that offers this feature.

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – Why it matters?

Does your enterprise comply with the new data protection rules of GDPR? Find out more about GDPR and why it matters.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDRP) has brought about a momentum change in data privacy legislation. The GDPR was created to protect customer information all through the European Union (EU) and develop a better system of responsibility when it comes to data breaches. The primary intent of the GDPR regulation is to unify and tighten data protection for individuals within the EU (European Union).

The GDPR aims to offer control back to residents and citizens over their personal data and to streamline the regulations for international business within the EU. The GDPR will replace the data protection directive of 1995 and will be enforceable form 25th May 2018, after which it will be directly applicable and binding.

Let’s understand more about GDPR.

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8 Outsourcing Trends to Look Out for in 2018

What will outsourcing be like this year? Read this blog post to find out 8 upcoming outsourcing trends to look out for in 2018.

The outsourcing industry is likely to grow by leaps and bounds in 2018, with the aid of centralized technology. Latest survey reports have stated that 65% of firms that outsourced in the past will continue to do so this year. This only goes to show the faith and reliability that world-wide entrepreneurs have in outsourcing.

From cloud computing to artificial intelligence and transformation of communication, let us explore some of the upcoming outsourcing trends for year of 2018.

  1. Cloud computing will reach its peak

    Cloud computing in 2018 has been predicted to reach 200-Billion USD very quickly. Firms will now be able to increase their functionality capabilities and process areas, while managing the problems/requirements of clients with ease. Cloud computing will pave the way for cost-effective and customized solutions.

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