Save millions of pounds by outsourcing healthcare services to India

Are the rising costs of medical billing, coding or claims adjudication in the UK overwhelming you? Why not consider outsourcing healthcare administration to India?

If you are still hesitant about outsourcing, read on to find out how you can save millions of pounds by offshoring.

The Economic Times recently ran an article, in which, John Neilson, who heads the leading healthcare efficiency reform in the UK said that Britain’s National Health Services administration should be outsourced to Indian healthcare service providers to cut back on cost. He has also commended the efficiency and capability of Indian professionals in the healthcare sector.

Neilson, who is also the Managing Director of NHS Shared Business Services, said that outsourcing National Health Services (NHS) to India should be seriously considered because of the huge cost benefits.

Though patients in the UK may not like the idea of calling a call center in Delhi or Bangalore to book an appointment with their physician or have their confidential medical records stored on Indian databases, the pressure on the NHS budget is only intensifying day by day with no other alternative other than outsourcing to India.

Outsourcing medical billing, coding or other administration services to Indian healthcare providers like Outsource2india can be carried out for a fraction of the amount when compared with the cost of conducting these services in the UK.

A recent study on government wastage in the UK, by Sir Philip Green, the retail billionaire found that there is a considerable amount of government waste, which if eliminated, could save the UK taxpayer billions of pounds a year. Inefficiency in NHS could also be drastically reduced.

Healthcare services that can be outsourced to India

If you are wondering what healthcare services an Indian healthcare service provider like Outsource2india can handle, here are a few:

• AR follow-up

• Patient demographic entry

• Charge entry

• Claims processing

• Denial management

• Revenue cycle management

• ICD-9 and CPT coding

• Medical billing and coding

• Teleradiology

• Medical transcription

• Claims adjudication

• Medical animation

• Healthcare software development

Why choose an Indian healthcare provider like Outsource2india?

Outsource2india offers the following advantages:

• HIPAA compliant

• Complete security and confidentiality

• Capability to use varied software like Ortivus, Medical Manager, Medisoft, QRS, MISYS Tiger etc

• A free no-risk trial for all healthcare services

• Experienced and efficient professionals

Other benefits of outsourcing healthcare services to India

• See a marked increase in your revenue

• Get faster reimbursements

• Spend more time with your patients while leaving your paperwork behind

• See an improvement in your cash flow

• Your claims will be accurately processed on time without any delay

• See a sharp reduction in the number of denials

Save millions of pounds and see an improvement in healthcare administration by outsourcing to India. Choose Outsource2india as your healthcare services partner today.

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