Should You Outsource SAP Support Services?

Are you on the verge of deciding to either outsource SAP support services or hire an in-house team? If yes, read this interesting comparison between outsourcing and in-house SAP support services.

While outsourcing SAP support services can bring in strong expertise, an in-house team can give you better accessibility. Which option should you choose and why? The choice is indeed a tough one! While the best step ahead would be to hire a team of in-house SAP experts who would work in tandem with an external team of SAP specialists. It is however difficult to get the best of both the worlds at times. Here is a comparison of outsourcing SAP support vs. hiring an in-house team of SAP experts. We hope that comparing both the scenarios can help you decide which would work best for your business!

1. Business Processes
  • In-house: When it comes to business processes, your in-house team will have a better hold on all your processes and terminologies than an outsourced team. You will not have to deal with any communication gaps with your in-house team of SAP consultants.
  • Outsourced: With an outsourced service provider handing your SAP support, you will have to communicate your business processes and their subsequent impact on your enterprise to the team. There can be communication gaps, if the outsourced team is not able to understand how your process works.
2. Updates and Upgrades
  • In-house: Updates and upgrades may not always take place with an in-house team. This can have an impact on the quality of the SAP support offered by the in-house team.
  • Outsourced: You can be sure of an outsourced team staying up-to-date with all the recent features and updates, as it is mandatory for a SAP service provider to regularly provide the team with updates and upgrades. You can be sure of top-notch SAP consulting services that are in sync with the latest in the field of SAP technology.
3. Solution Delivery Time
  • In-house: The solution delivery deadline of an internal team can get delayed due to factors like attrition in the team or other pressing workload priorities that are taking up time. The inability to quickly resolve issues can have an impact on your enterprise.
  • Outsourced: An outsourced SAP team usually has plenty of expertise in meeting the SAP demands across industries. This expertise enables SAP vendors to foresee the risks ahead and take preventive steps. This helps the outsourced team complete implementation on time, sometimes even ahead of the deadline.
4. Monitoring and Escalations
  • In-house: With an internal SAP support team handling your SAP related issues, it could take longer to address user issues. This is because an internal team may have a limited know-how or lack the skills on how to quickly handle user issues.
  • Outsourced: Outsourced SAP consultants usually come with a lot of expertise on handling different and complex user issues quickly. With years of experience in resolving the issues for different enterprises, an outsourced team will be quicker at addressing a wide range of user issues.
5. Cost-effectiveness
  • In-house: Recruiting a team of in-house SAP experts will cost you more than outsourcing. You have to set aside revenue for the process of hiring and training. Once this is completed, you have to invest in infrastructure, software and technology for your resources to use. You will also have to take in to account the paid and sick leaves that you have to offer your employees.
  • Outsourced: When you outsource SAP consulting, you will not have to worry about the cost of hiring, training and recruiting a team of SAP consultants. You will not have to incur the cost of infrastructure, software or technology, as all of these will be provided by the outsourcing service provider. Since an outsourcing vendor will be providing services through online support and ticket systems, you do not have to provide a physical space for them. Since they will not be your direct employees, you do not have to pay for paid/sick leave.
6. Trainings
  • In-house: If you hire a team of in-house SAP experts, you will have to offer training. You must also keep in mind that training will be limited to only a few SAP team members, because of the rising cost of training. In-house training will require a heavy investment of time and revenue from your end.
  • Outsourced: With outsourcing, comes freedom from training. Your outsourcing service provider will ensure that trainings are conducted on a periodic basis for the entire team. You can also be assured of intensive trainings being done for different system upgrades.

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