Showcase your Buildings through Interactive 3D Walkthroughs

Are you a realtor or architect with buildings to sell? Your ideas are on paper and you don’t know how to show them to prospective buyers? If your answer is a “yes” to the above questions, then why not opt for a detailed 3D walkthrough of your building. A 3D model is the best way to showcase your architectural skills, as a 3D walkthrough can be created in accordance to the correct scale and proportion of the original structure. Even realistic color schemes, materials, finishes and textures can be used to render a life-like 3D model.

Using a 3D walkthrough for your unfinished buildings is not just a great way to sell your property, but it can also help you visualize your building from varied perspectives, and help you make the required deletions/additions. This can help you do away with unnecessary re-work during the construction stage.  However, if creating interactive 3D walkthroughs animations is not your core skill, then it is best outsourced to a professional in India. Outsourcing 3D walkthrough animation to India can give you access to quality 3D animations at a very affordable cost and within a tight schedule.

India offers a wide array of 3D walkthrough animations

A 3D animator in India can develop a fully interactive and realistic virtual tour of almost any type of building, such as:

  1. Residential buildings: Individual houses, villas, farmhouses, multi-storied apartments, condos, complexes etc.
  2. Commercial buildings: Offices, IT parks, high-rise buildings, educational institutions, hospitals, shopping malls, pubs, restaurants, resorts, hotels, airports, churches, amusement parks and special economic zones.
  3. Industrial buildings: Factories, industrial plants, building complex etc.
  4. Interiors of a building/structure: The exact exterior lighting can be created, by keeping in mind, the position of the windows, the local latitude and seasonal changes. The light from different fixtures, the self-illumination of objects and the indoor reflection of light, will also be taken into account.
  5. Exteriors of a building/structure: The surrounding neighbourhood, along with the fences, hedges, roads and the landscape will be included into the 3D rendering.
  6. Other types of 3D walkthroughs: 3D walkthroughs can also be developed for bridges, ships, aircraft, dams and other such complex engineering structures.

4 reasons why India is best for 3D walkthroughs

  1. Indian 3D animators use the latest in animation software (ArchiCAD, Maya, Maxon, AutoCAD and 3DMax) to give your walkthrough a realistic feel, with the perfect light, color and movement.
  2. Outsourcing to India can give you access to a dedicated team of engineers, designers and analysts who can deliver striking 3D walkthroughs/3D flyovers/virtual rooms within a tight schedule.
  3. Since Indian companies are equipped with the best in technology, infrastructure and bandwidth, your business can benefit from fast and quality services.
  4. Indian 3D animators use the latest presentation techniques while creating 3D architectural walkthroughs. This enables you and your customers to easily view 3D renderings on an iPod, mobile phone, PC or PDA.

Outsource your 3D walkthrough requirements to India right away and make a lasting impression on your customers.

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