Six Reasons Why Companies Prefer to Outsource Their Data Center

Outsourcing data center services is ideal for companies that do not have the skills required for running a data center or for enterprises who are looking for a cost-competitive way of running their IT operations.

Did you know that 42% of companies in the United States have either fully or partially outsourced their data centers to India, while 28% are planning to do so within the next few months? (Source: A recent Gartner survey).

If your business enterprise is still deciding if outsourcing is for you, here are six reasons why most companies are preferring to outsource their data center operations to India:

  1. Reduced costs:  The main reason why most companies outsource their data center is to control costs. A managed server hosting can get rid of large scale data center investments. Through outsourcing, a data center can be expanded on an as-need basis, instead of investing in the entire expansion at once.
  2. Access to external resources: Outsourcing a data center, will give your business access to leverage equipment, processes and people who are not available to you internally. Businesses can get access to skilled data center professionals, without having to recruit individual full-time experts in power, cooling, security or networking.
  3. Free up internal resources: Outsourcing data center services to an external service provider can help you free up your internal resources. Without the burden of daily maintenance chores, your IT team can focus on important deliverables or core applications, while leaving data center operations in the hands of experts.
  4. Better business focus: Data center outsourcing can improve your business and customer focus. As you would know, it is hard to keep an in-house team motivated to service the needs of other departments. This can have an impact on your organization’s responsiveness. However, outsourced data center professionals are in the service business and can keep customers happy by always being responsive and accurate.
  5. Quick resolution: Once you evaluate how serious/urgent your data center problems are, quick resolutions in important areas like cost effectiveness, availability and uptime can be accomplished within months of outsourcing versus an in-house data center.
  6. Tap into management expertise: A management team of a managed data center are more focussed on efficiently delivering data center functions and can do so with a high level of expertise. When managing several large data centers, an outsourced management team can apply industry best practices that are too expensive or difficult for an individual company to apply for their own in-house data center.

Would you prefer outsourcing data center operations to an external service provider or would you opt for an in-house data center team? Let us know by leaving your comments in the box below. We, at Outsource2india love to hear to you!

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