What is SketchUp Services & Why Outsource It?

SketchUp is an easy-to-use and feature-rich freeware design tool that can bring your design concepts to life.

If you have not yet used SketchUp for your business, then it’s time you used the software and reaped the benefits that it offers. With its accuracy of design and flexibility, builders, landscape designers, construction firms and the engineering industry in general have been able to effectively conceptualize, market and present their ideas. With the tool’s wide variety of visualizations, your company too can transform your imaginations into reality.

Features of SketchUp

  • Easy to install and run, with a simple and uncluttered interface
  • Quick and easy modeling options
  • Rapid prototyping with 3D geometry abilities
  • Support from an active community
  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Wide range of colors and models to choose from
  • Options of pre-drawn components

Popular SketchUp modeling services

The SketchUp software can be used for a wide range of services, such as the following:

  • Interior/ exterior design
  • 3D rendering and 3D modeling
  • SketchUp to CAD conversion
  • Marketing walkthroughs
  • Architectural drawings
  • Google Earth and Warehouse application

Through SketchUp you can visualize real-life scenarios with the use of different options in colors, sizes and shapes. SketchUp services are extremely beneficial for architects, engineering firms, construction companies, builders, contractors, and landscape designers.

Benefits of outsourcing SketchUp services

SketchUp has opened a whole range of design and modeling possibilities. However, if you and your team do not know how to use SketchUp, then learning and mastering the software can take up time and effort. This is where outsourcing comes in. Instead of trying to figure out the use of SketchUp on your own or hiring an expensive team of specialists, you now have the option of outsourcing SketchUp services to India. You will immediately get access to a dedicated team of professionals who have expertise in using SketchUp for designing and modeling. Outsourcing SketchUp can help your business leverage the following benefits:

1. Minimized cost

When you outsource, you can enjoy cost savings in terms of overhead cost and capital expenditure. You will also not have to make heavy investments on technology or infrastructure. Outsourcing can not only help you widen your profitability, but can also help you minimize your cost by 60%.

2. Better resource optimization

Through outsourcing, you can free up your time and resources, while tapping into the expertise on SketchUp artists. Your management can focus completely on your core business activities like sales, marketing and productivity, without having to supervise the outsourced SketchUp services.

3. Fast turnaround time and consistent services

Offshore teams in India have the capability to work on a 24/7 basis and complete your SketchUp assignments within your timeline and budget constraints. Since the offshore team will have experience in using SketchUp, they can ensure that all your projects are completed without any setbacks.

4. Access to superior SketchUp skills

SketchUp artists from India have expertise and skill in using all the features of SketchUp. They are also constantly provided with training in order to effectively meet the SketchUp requirements of customers. Outsourcing can give you access to a skilled team of designers who will ensure your project is a success.

Why not give your business a competitive edge by outsourcing SketchUp services? We, at Outsource2india will be glad to assist you with your requirements. Get in touch with us for SketchUp services.

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