Streamline your Business with Business Process Outsourcing

Does your company have labor intensive processes that are costing you a lot of money? If you want to reduce ever-increasing business costs, streamline your processes and decrease your number of employees, then you might want to consider business process outsourcing. To help you get started, here are a few services that can be easily outsourced to India:

Invoice processing & accounts payable

Invoice processing and accounts payable can cost a lot to any business in terms of cost, time and effort. Outsourcing these services to a professional BPO service provider can help you digitize all your invoices on arrival with a fully automated invoice processing system.  Outsourcing can assure you of a 75% reduction in your invoice processing costs.

Forms processing

If your company has a lot of handwritten information and data from forms to be entered, then you must be wasting plenty of time on this labor intensive process. Outsourcing forms processing to a skilled data entry provider in India can help you accurately capture and easily retrieve information from employee feedback forms, customer satisfaction forms, market research forms or questionnaires.

Document scanning

Document scanning though simple can take up a lot of time and move your focus from core business activities. A specialized document scanning provider can digitize all your documents and enable multiple users to retrieve documents quickly. Data entry providers in India employ hi-end document scanning technology that assures 99.9% accuracy on scanned images. Moreover, your Indian data entry vendor can get documents of all sizes scanned, be it small or large by using OCE technology.

Post room scanning

Post room scanning is another data entry service that can be easily outsourced to India. Your data entry provider in India can scan all your documents and upload them to a secure FTP site from where you can retrieve documents. This is a great and cost-effective way for you to create a virtual post room for your company.

Document management system

With an online document management system, you can provide your employees with multi-user access from any location by using a web browser. Any type of document can be stored and retained in its original format. Your documents can even be allocated to a workflow (For example, your invoices can be authorized automatically and even paid when verification is given against an original purchase order document). With an efficient document management system, your employees can make notes and even assign tasks.

Why not make a decision to outsource today and enjoy the freedom to focus on your business.

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