What Are Topographic Mapping Services?

Leverage smarter route planning, better route planning, better thematic data preparation and even easier disaster management with topographic mapping services.

Topographic maps are graphic representations of features that appear on the earth’s surface. These maps are detailed and accurate. A topographic map can include everything from roads, building, administrative boundaries, state/international borders to rivers, lakes, wooded areas and even orchards. The maps are divided with a geographic graticule and a coordinate grid so that relative and absolute positions can be easily determined. The map is a 2 or 3 dimensional representation of an actual physical environment.

What are topographic maps used for?

Topographic maps are developed for a variety of reasons. Apart from recreational purposes (hiking, travelling etc.), these maps are also used by the different industries and even the government for mining, urban planning, land ownership and even for establishing legal boundaries.
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