Top 4 Types of Forensic Accounting Services

Are you in search of evidence to support a recent financial theft, litigation, or prosecution? If yes, what you need is forensic accounting. Read this blog post to find out the four most sought-after forensic accounting services.

The investigation of fraud or financial manipulation through detailed research and evaluation of financial information is known as forensic accounting. Today, forensic accounting services are fast gaining momentum in the US, with more and more enterprises looking for the service.

Forensic accounting is often required when there is a scope to analyze financial information that can be used as forensic evidence to support a case in a court of law. However, forensic accounting cannot be carried out by an accountant and requires a team of skilled accountants who can perform the role of a detective while going through the financial information of an individual or enterprise.

Enterprises engage the services of forensic accountants for the preparation of litigation related to fraud, insolvency, insurance claims, embezzlement, divorces, skimming, and other such types of financial theft. Forensic auditors can defend the name of an enterprise or prosecute an individual/enterprise.

Outsourcing forensic accounting can put you in immediate touch with a team of trained forensic accountants who are experts at fraud investigation, insurance claims and shareholders dispute. Here is a list of the top four most sought-after forensic accounting services.

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Bookkeeper, Accountant, or CPA? Who Does Your Business Need?

Does your business need a bookkeeper to maintain your daily ledger, an accountant to improve your cash flow, or a CPA to perform an audit? Read this blog post to find out the unique roles that a bookkeeper, accountant, and CPA play and how they differ from each other.

Have you found yourself using the terms CPAs, accountants, or bookkeepers interchangeably? Should you employ the services of all three or would a bookkeeper suffice? What is the exact difference between hiring a bookkeeper, accountant, or CPA?

While it is true that all these three professionals can manage your finances and can work towards a common goal, the scope of their work varies. An accountant can provide an in-depth analysis of your financial transactions while a bookkeeper would record each transaction. CPAs on the other hand are certified accountants who would oversee your accounting functions.

Who does your business require for your accounting needs? Let’s find out.

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