The Advantages of using Scala

Scala offers advanced features and clean code, along with functional and object-oriented programming in an open-source package that taps into the best of Java’s environment.

No software language can be said to be impeccable for every use case, but opting to use Scala does bring in several advantages. Scala was introduced to the world in the year of 2003, with the resolve of addressing the several concerns that developers had with Java. Ever since the year of 1995, Java has remained to be popular language. However, Scala has succeeded over the several programs that have tried to compete over Java.

Scala, since it is scalable, it is easier to code, test, debug and deploy. The language of Scala is versatile and can be used to program anything be it web apps, mobile solutions, games, software as a service and desktop software amongst others.

Let us find out more about its features and when to consider using Scala for your business.

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