3 Primary Challenges of In-House App Development

Are you trying to decide if you should keep mobile app development in-house? If yes, read on to find out about the challenges that come with in-house app development.

Many companies today choose to develop their apps in-house, believing that it is easier, faster, cheaper, more efficient and more controllable. However, in-house app development does come with its own challenges. Is your organization trying to decide between in-house app development and outsourcing mobile app services? If yes, read on to find out more about the three primary challenges of trying to keep your mobile app development in-house.

Challenge # 1: The struggle with skillsets

Did you know that over 94% of organizations don’t have the required mobile development resources to tackle all their development needs? At times, even with 15 developers working on a mobile app, there is still a gap in the skills required for mobile app development.

For instance, iOS and Android require complicated and difficult coding systems. An Android developer cannot just start coding for iOS without sufficient training or study. If you were to create mobile apps for both the platforms, you would definitely need two development skillsets and efforts.

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5 Tips on Outsourcing Mobile App Development

Does your company have a great app idea, but do not have the time to actually develop it? The best thing to do in this situation is to outsource app development to a professional company. 

Through outsourcing, you can get your app into the market at a faster pace, while spending the least amount of time, effort and money.

While outsourcing does have its benefits, there would be some issues and challenges on the way. At the onset, the biggest challenge would be to find the right outsourcing partner. You can identify an ideal partner by looking for a company that takes the effort to really understand your ideas. Once you have finalized on who to partner with, you can use the following five tips that can guarantee you seamless mobile app development services.

1. Ensure that your requirements are understood

Give the outsourcing company enough time to understand your requirements. Next, ask them to give you a quote. Once that is done, do not make the mistake of rushing into development. Ask the vendor to breakdown your app project into detailed specifications, which should be documented along with wireframes, so that app development becomes easier.

2. Chose “agile” over “waterfall”

The more “agile” the app development, the more it would cost you. It is important to discuss the overall cost with the service provider and have absolute clarity on what you expect from them. Make sure that you start the development only when you are sure about all the details.

3. Ask for deadline breakdowns

You can get better clarity on your project, once your development company provides you with a detailed deadline breakdown. Ask for a breakdown right at the onset of the project. This will ensure that the entire team is involved in the app development. It will also help you set out your expectations before the app development begins. Continue reading