4 Benefits of Using Teleradiology for your Hospital

Wondering if your hospital should move away from traditional radiology methods and opt for teleradiology? Read more to find out about the top four benefits of using teleradiology.

Teleradiology refers to the process of transmitting radiology images like MRIs, CTs and X-rays from one location to another, over the internet for medical purposes. Opting for teleradiology services can positively impact the radiology workflow of your hospital and bring in the following benefits.

1. Minimized costs in radiology

Most radiologists have to travel. This results in lost time and money. With teleradiology, the need for travel can be eliminated and equip a radiologist to work from anywhere. This makes the entire process of radiology more cost-efficient and convenient. Since teleradiology uses the internet to upload and share images, there is no need to invest on CDs, DVDs, films, packages or shipping. This is another way by which teleradiology can minimize costs.

2. Quick medical imaging results

With teleradiology, there is no need to copy images to a CD or DVD. Instead, the medical images are immediately uploaded and shared via the internet. This way the reading physician and radiologist can have immediate access to medical images in real-time on a 24/7 basis. Continue reading