11 Sure Signs That Show Your Business Requires Transcription Services

Does your business need transcription? Read this blog post to find out 11 signs that show you that your business does require transcription.

If you own a business and want to stay competitive, then what you need are transcription services. Why? Because business transcription can help your business in multiple ways and increase your ROI like never before. If you are still not convinced, look for the signs that tell you that your business requires transcription services.

Here are eleven signs that show you that your business needs transcription services.

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Is Outsourcing Transcription Profitable for Busy Entrepreneurs?

Today, entrepreneurs from different business industries use audio recordings or video files to save important messages for easy reference and for future use. With this way of working becoming a trend, there is a growing need for such audio recordings to be converted into accurate text. This conversion from voice to text is known as “transcription”.

As a busy entrepreneur with a hectic schedule, do you have the time to accurately transcribe your audio files into text? If your answer is a “no”, then you have two options to choose from. You could transcribe your audio/video recordings with the help of transcription software or you could outsource transcription to India. If you go with option one, you may face accuracy and reliability issues. This is because transcription software are yet to master the intricacies of language. However, if you outsource transcription to a reliable service provider you can be sure of 99.9% accuracy in your transcripts.

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What Is Transcription And Why Your Business Needs It?

At your workplace, there may be several occasions when you may be using an audio recording to capture what is being spoken during a board meeting, discussion, interview or brainstorming session. Such audio recordings can make sure that your records stay up-to-date, but they will be of very little use if they remain in the audio format. Converting your audio recordings into text, through transcription can help you document your information for making easy references and for future utilization.

Rather than get your personal secretary or other staff members to transcribe for your firm, you can outsource transcription services to a service provider who has skilled transcribers and access to the latest transcription software and technology. Moreover, you can also avail transcription services in specific areas like business transcription, meeting transcription, conference transcription and even interview transcription.

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5 Useful Tips on How to Record Audio for Business Transcription

You have setup your recording equipment and are all set to start recording a business meeting, panel discussion or interview. You plan on sending the audio recording for transcription to India. But if you’re audio recording has faint voices, over speaking or a loud background noise, then the quality of the business transcription can suffer.

If you want your business transcription to be error free, then you must aim at recording an audio file which has a single person speaking at a time, no disturbing background noise and with all the participating speakers evenly heard.  Use the following five useful tips to record audio for transcription.

1. Eliminate background noise:  Select a soundproof and enclosed room to record your meeting or panel discussion.  Either remove or switch of ticking clocks, buzzing tube lights, noisy fans/air conditioners or creaking chairs and tables.  If you are having your meeting in a cafe, make sure that you are not sitting next to an open window or a music speaker.  Even unnoticeable factors like high ceilings or hardwood floors can create a noise in the background.  Microphones can very easily pick up background noise, so it is better to minimize background noise wherever possible.

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