6 Advantages of Using Data Enrichment Services

With data enrichment services, you can increase your ROI, improve sales and see better results in your marketing campaigns. Read about the six advantages of using data enrichment services.

Did you know that data enrichment had a whopping growth of 80% in the year of 2019? Yes it is true. Data enrichment has the potential to increase your ROI exponentially. If your enterprise has not yet invested in data enrichment, it is time to start now, as it is a proven growth contributor.

Data enrichment refers to the procedure of refining data to make it more relevant, accurate and valuable for your enterprise. Outsourcing data enrichment is a great way to get insights on your data and use it to your advantage.

Here are six advantages of using data enrichment for your business:

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Improve Quality & Eliminate Errors Through Data Enrichment

How do you optimize the potency of your database and catapult your sales and marketing efforts? The answer to this question is Data Enrichment Services.

Have you invested a lot of time and money into processing your database, but have still not been able to make sense out of your data? This is a problem that most organizations face, when dealing with inaccurate data. How do you optimize the potency of your database and catapult your sales and marketing efforts? The answer to this question is Data Enrichment Services.

If your business belongs to the insurance, banking, telecommunications or retail industry, you will know that the quality of data is critical and can have a direct impact on your company/ Investing in data enrichment services from India can help you accurately organize, format, modify, classify, replace, delete or correct information gathered across data fields.

Data enrichment is a niche field, where trained data experts will rectify any type of irregularity in your data and make your data more effective. By refining your database, you can come up with targeted sales and formulate direct marketing campaigns. An outsourced service provider like Outsource2india can update old or obsolete data with new information, conduct referential integrity checks, organize mailing lists, use consistent attribute names and develop homogenous pools of data.

In data scrubbing, specialized tools are used to carefully examine a database for flaws. Various algorithms, rules and look-up tables are used to correct different types of errors. For instance, finding out duplicate records or adding missing zip codes can be achieved through the use of database enrichment tools.

When to use data enrichment?

  • Your data is gathered from different sources, and you are left with data in inconsistent formats that cannot be evaluated or used
  • Your current data has several inaccurate/duplicate records and incomplete descriptions
  • You require data from external sources in order to complete your database and enhance its quality
  • You want to improve the accuracy of your customer data

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How to Effortlessly Check, Update and Enhance your Data

Your business firm can benefit greatly from data that is correct, up-to-date and complete. The best way to achieve this is through data enrichment. However, if data enrichment is not one of your core skills, then it is best outsourced to a professional who has the right resources and tools to verify and complete your data. With data enrichment, you can effortlessly check, update and enhance data that comes from different sources or exist in different formats.

Here are some ways in which data enrichment services can help your business:

  • New fields, like telephone numbers or email addresses can be added to complement your existing records
  • The validity of a particular data can be checked against any given reference source
  • Easily update customer information, such as changes in the address or career
  • Effortlessly obtain credit ratings and other such additional status information
  • Maximize your firm’s efficiency and integrity with data that is validated, corrected and standardized
  • Give your business an edge over competitors with a database that is up-to-date and organized
  • Save thousands of dollars and millions of hours by getting quick access to the right information

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