7 Tips to help you Improve the Accuracy in Data Entry

Accuracy in data entry can be improved by identifying the source of inaccuracies, adhering to robust standards and using the latest software. Improve the accuracy of your data entry with these seven tips.

Key business leaders usually take their decisions based on data. If there are inaccuracies in your data, it could result in poor or uninformed decisions, leading to unplanned costs or additional errors. This is why data entry has to accurate, with little or no errors. With huge volumes of data having to be entered on a daily basis, how can you ensure that your data is error-free?

Here are seven tips to help you ensure that your data entry process is accurate from the start to the finish:

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6 Must-Have Services for your E-Commerce Store

Are you a busy ecommerce retailer trying to complete with numerous online stores? If yes, then what you need are efficient, quick and affordable services that can get you ahead of the crowd.

Through outsourcing, you can get access to a team of skilled data entry experts who will maintain and update your products on an on-going basis. With ecommerce product data entry, catalog conversion, catalog indexing, catalog building, data mining, order processing and image editing out of your hands, you will finally be able to turn your online business into a successful retail business venture.

Here are 6 must-have services for your e-commerce store.

1. Catalog conversion

The easiest way to attract new customers to your store is to add new products. This can now be achieved through catalog conversion services. Since catalog experts are trained professionals, they will be able to develop a catalog, irrespective of the products/services that you sell. A cataog service provider in India will also optimize your product images, add descriptive information for each item and index the product, so that it can be easily found by the customer.

2. Catalog building and indexing

Even if your store has a great catalog, it would be difficult to find any of your products, if indexing is not done. Catalog building and indexing services can set this right, by providing you with a functional database, that makes searching extremely easy for your customers. Catalog professionals in India can apply the right product codes, write effective descriptions and tag appropriate images. When your products are organized by category, sub-category and specialized codes, your customers will find the exact product that they want, without having to hunt for it.

3. Product data entry

If your products do not have the latest information or if they are not appropriately optimized, you can lose out to your competitors. Outsourcing can give you access to trained product data entry professionals who will update product descriptions, pricing, stock information, current listings and categories to name a few.

4. Data mining

Since customers can now easily obtain pricing details and product information from different sources, it is important to invest in data mining. Your outsourcing service provider can efficiently monitor competitive sites to get insights on changing pricing dynamics. Even image files, product description and other such support information can be mined from the websites of suppliers and competitors. You can even avail data mining services from PDF files, e-books and spreadsheets. Continue reading

Get your Focus Back on Patient Care by Outsourcing Medical Data Entry

Does your hospital constantly juggle between providing quality healthcare and attending to day-to-day operations like medical data entry? If your answer is a yes, then it is time you give your healthcare staff a break and think about outsourcing a non-core activity like medical data entry. If your hospital / healthcare center is currently facing any of the following scenarios, then it’s time to put your medical data entry requirements into the hands of a professional:

  1. You and your staff find it challenging to deal with a day-to-day process like data entry, while providing quality healthcare services
  2. Your patients are not getting the attention and care that they deserve, as your staff is overburdened
  3. You do not have access to the technology, infrastructure and resources needed for fast and accurate medical data entry
  4. You want to focus on healthcare, but the pressure of data entry is robbing you of precious time and effort.

A mundane process like data entry can rob your internal staff of their time and energy, thereby preventing them from focusing on patient care. Moreover, outsourcing medical data entry can help you reduce the cost of labor and also eliminate the need to invest on expensive data entry software.

Types of medical data entry services that your hospital can outsource

Did you know that almost any type of medical data entry service can be outsourced? Whether your hospital requires data entry for SOAP notes, prescriptions, patient records, labor notes, operative reports or hospital records, you can get access to fast and accurate medical data entry services by outsourcing. Here is an extensive list of all the types of medical data entry services that you can outsource:

  • Hospital and healthcare Records
  • SOAP notes
  • Patient records, patient history and information
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