Six Easy-To-Use Photo Manipulation Techniques

Use these six simple techniques while manipulating images and witness great results.

Photo manipulation techniques, though difficult to master are not hard to experiment with. Here are six photo manipulation techniques, with guaranteed success, that you can consider while manipulating your images. Armed with these photo manipulation techniques, you can create extremely creative images.

  1. Rendering with Vertus Fluid Mask

    Let’s say you want to merge two images. Now, you need to cut out an image of a tree and use it for manipulation. However, the Pen tool is not helping with a neat cut out of the leaves, branches and shadows. This is where, you can use the Vertus Fluid Mask program, which will render out images within seconds by using specialized masking tools. This program will take care of rugged edges and help you with flawlessly merged images together.

  2. Playing with shadows

    If you want your images to be realistic, then you must include shadows. Every item on your image will need a shadow. You must keep in mind that every item on your image must be kept proportional to everything else on the image. Shadows can add realism to your photo manipulation, even if your images are fantasy based. A simple way to make shadows, is to duplicate your original stock, turn it completely black, add a Gaussian Blur, reduce it in size and place it correctly.

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