Java for Mobile/Software Programming – Why Use It?

Find out why Java is the most preferred program, when it comes to mobile/software development

As per a recent study by Oracle, over 3 billion devices currently run applications that have been built using Java. This language has been successfully used to design a host of applications, such as, GUI, Mobile, Scientific, Web and Enterprise applications.

Sun Microsystems, developed Java in 1995, as a high level programming language and versatile computing platform. Ever since, Java has always been up-to-date with regular updates between short intervals. Since its inception, Java has become immensely popular, with several configurations being built for different types of platforms, such as, Java ME for mobile apps, Java SE for Windows or Java EE for Enterprise applications.

Today, with the rise in mobile/web applications, the question that most enterprises face is “Should I use Java to build my mobile/web app?” Java is extremely useful for web-based content, games, scripting, and enterprise software to name a few. Continue reading