How to Prepare your Book for eBook Conversion?

eBook conversion can be simple and easy. Read on to find out how to prepare your book for eBook Conversion.

If you are keen on selling your eBook online, you will first need to convert your document into a format that can be read by the popular eReaders available in the market. At present, there are two main formats used in the industry, .mobi, which is used by Kindle and ePub, which works with almost any type of eReader.

Here is how you can prepare your manuscript for ebook conversion:

1. Proof read the book: Get a professional proof reader to thoroughly proof read your book for grammar, syntax and spelling. Taking the time to go through the manuscript before eBook conversion is very important, as it a time consuming and expensive to make changes to an eBook once it has been converted to ePub or .mobi. Proof reading the book can avoid typos and other errors.

2. Check for consistency: See to it that your eBook follows a consistent method for line formatting. Paragraphs too have to be consistent. Your team can utilize tabs or any program’s alignment and paragraph functions. Ensure that you do not use the Space Bar to format individual lines or paragraphs in your eBook.

3. Include details in the first two pages: Do you wish to include the date of publication, ISBN number, the publisher’s name and address, copyright information or any other collaborative credits? If yes, add these details to the first two pages of your book before the eBook conversion process starts. Continue reading