Ensure 24/7 Security With CCTV Monitoring Services from India

Investing in remote CCTV video monitoring services is the easiest and most cost-effective way to safeguard your premises on a 24/7 basis. 

Have you always wished that your business site was monitored on a 24/7 basis? Well, you do not have to wish anymore, as this is now possible through exclusive CCTV monitoring services for any type of commercial or non-commercial asset. With remote CCTV monitoring services from India, you can avail round-the-clock security services of your site and ensure its safety. Through video monitoring, a trained team in India can continuously scan your premises and sound your alarms whenever necessary. You can be rest assured that any intruders will be followed and threats will be closely monitored.

CCTV video surveillance systems are an easy and cost-effective way to monitor factories, private enterprises, private residences, commercial assets, warehouses, construction sites, parking lots, retail enterprises and mobile towers to name a few.

Real-time video surveillance is as reliable as onsite surveillance, as your company will receive the same level of security and protection, if not better. The best part of real-time CCTV monitoring services is that is comes at a price that is 50% lower than the current cost that you spend on security services.

Top 8 Advantages of Using a Remote CCTV Surveillance System

CCTV surveillance is very important for safeguarding the assets of your company, maintaining industry-specific safety protocols and preventing unauthorized access into your premises. Here are eight advantages that a CCTV monitoring service can provide you with:

  • 24/7 verification of working staff in real-time
  • Compliance to health and safety measures on finished/unfinished industrial sites
  • Protection of property and personnel on factories and construction sites that use unattended heavy machinery
  • Protection against theft, vandalism and other such acts of aggressions, with video evidence
  • A sharp reduction in the operating cost of using security staff on-site, through the use of 24/7 remote CCTV services
  • Specialized CCTV systems that work in conjunction with monitored intruder systems
  • Real-time sound alerts which will inform your local authorities in the event of a security breach, thereby discouraging potential intruders
  • Immediate identification and rectification of onsite security gaps through perpetual security surveillance

Indian CCTV Security Systems are the Best in the World
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Q & A on Legal Process Outsourcing

Read these questions and answers on legal process outsourcing to find out more about outsourcing LPO services to India.

Does your corporate legal department want to outsource a few of your legal functions and start focussing on your core business activities? If yes, look towards India for high-quality, cost-effective and fast legal process outsourcing services. If your legal firm is new to the concept of outsourcing to India, you may want to know to more about legal process outsourcing services, the benefits you can leverage and what you can expect by outsourcing legal services to India.

You can now get all your questions answered by reading the following questions and answers on legal process outsourcing.

1. What is legal process outsourcing (LPO)?

LPO or legal process outsourcing refers to the practice of a corporate legal department or a law firm outsourcing legal services to a third-party company that specialises in offering legal support services.

2. Can any business corporation use legal outsourcing services?

Yes. No matter the size or nature of your business, you can outsource legal outsourcing to India. Over the last decade several law firms and in-house legal departments have been successfully outsourcing legal services to India.

3. What are the top three advantages of outsourcing legal services?

  • Huge cost savings: Since there is a marked difference in the cost of labor between India and the U.S for professional services, outsourcing can bring in huge cost savings. For example, the cost of locating a qualified attorney and then proving training can be very expensive. However, when you outsource, you need not spend on recruiting and training costs.
  • 24/7 services: India has a unique 12 hour time difference with the US. This makes it possible for your legal firm to avail 24/7 services. You can send in your work in the night and have them ready by the next morning!
  • Large talent pool: Outsourcing to India can give you access to a large pool of trained and qualified attorneys who will provide you with error-free services, within your deadline.

4. Why choose India for legal outsourcing services?

As per recent surveys, India is the most favoured destination for LPO services among legal firms located in the US, UK and Europe. India’s qualified lawyers with knowledge about the US common law system, favourable time zone difference and fluency in the English language have made India popular when it comes to legal services.

5. Will outsourcing legal services to India mean a compromise on quality?

Not at all. You can be assured about high quality services, since the Indian lawyers who will be working for you have a thorough understanding about the American legal system and are given intensive training before commencing work on a project. When you outsource to India, you can be absolutely sure about quality. Continue reading

Should You Outsource Mortgage Pre-processing?

Outsourcing mortgage pre-processing services can put you in touch with experts who will accurately order and review all the required forms. 

Are you a broker or lender in need of pre-processing services for your home loan process? Outsourcing mortgage pre-processing services can put you in touch with experts who will accurately order and review all the required forms, appraisal orders and CAIVRS authorization, apart from also checking the rate lock. Through outsourcing, you can quickly complete all the required steps in the home loan process on time and go a step ahead of your competitors.

Still not convinced if outsourcing can handle everything in the mortgage pre-processing process? Unsure if you should outsource or do it all yourself? Read on to find out more about the steps involved in mortgage pre-processing and if you should consider outsourcing.

1. 1003 reviews

Usually, lenders use the 1003 forms to record important financial information about an applicant who requires a conventional mortgage. When you outsource mortgage pre-processing, an expert in India would review your 1003 forms to check for the completeness of the application and if all the details (date, signature, initials, borrower names, employment history and occupancy history) are included. This way, all your 1003 review forms can be processed quickly without delays.

2. Rate lock

Your mortgage service provider in India can also handle the process of locking the present interest rate for an applicant, over a specified period. You can also request for a complete rate lock process on a case to case basis.

3. Initial QC

Mortgage pre-processing professionals will conduct an initial QC, by checking for all the Pay Stubs, W2s and other such important documents. By opting for an initial QC, you can be absolutely sure that your loan application includes all the required details for the further processing of the loan. Continue reading

What Obama’s Immigration Plan means for Indian Techies?

The latest immigration reform of President Barack Obama, which was revealed last Thursday, brought little hope for the Information Technology Outsourcing industry in India. High-skilled techies in India were eagerly waiting for the US President to increase H- 1Bs or the number of skilled-workers visa. However, Obama bypassed the Congress in order to protect over a million illegal immigrants from deportation. The reform also included minor benefits for organizations with overseas workers.

The President, in his address to the nation, said that it would now be easier and faster for entrepreneurs, graduates and high-skilled immigrates to stay in the U.S and contribute to its economy.  This has brought a cloud over India’s outsourcing firms who were waiting for the H-1B visas to increase, so they could send across more Indian engineers and programmers to meet the needs of their customers in the U.S.

This is indeed a big hit to Indian software companies, considering the fact that Indian technology giants (Wipro, TCS and Infosys) have been sending thousands of skilled workers year after year.

The reforms bill, which was first introduced last year, was initially supposed to triple the H-1B visas to 180,000 a year, but was thwarted after several lawmakers felt that such a change would result in an influx of illegal immigrates. Based on this fact, market watchers were sure that Obama would not drastically increase the number of H-1B visas issued annually.  Continue reading

Why Is Cashflow Management Important For Your Business?

Does your business constantly have to deal with financial trouble? Do you struggle to pay your suppliers, taxman or staff on time? This is a common problem that is happening to several businesses of all sizes, the root cause being an ignorance of cash flow management, which is interregnal to the growth of a company. Cash is the lifeblood of your business enterprise, and if your business wants to be successful, then it’s time you paid attention to your cash flow management.

The world is currently going through difficult economic times. Today, banks are not supporting businesses as they used to in the past. At the same time, many businesses operate on a culture of slow payment to their end- suppliers. This is fast-becoming a top-down problem. This all means that you must take appropriate action and implement strong cashflow management into your company. You can start by managing your outgoing payment, while asking everyone who owns your business money to pay you back as soon as possible.

You can get rid of this problem by implementing a strong cashflow management process into your business. Ensure that you manage your outgoing payments and get everyone who owes you money to pay you back, as soon as possible. Here are some tips that can help you manage your cashflow (receivables and payables) with ease.

Tips on how to deal with your receivables:

  • Get your customers to pay you back faster by offering small discounts (For example, a discount of 1-2%)
  • Agree to invoice customers at regular intervals for long-term projects. Do not wait to bill your customers until the project is completely finished
  • Ask your customers for a deposit or a part payment before you commence work on a project
  • Make sure that you carry out a detailed background check on the credit scores of your customers
  • Ask your team to send out correct and clear invoices promptly to customers. Send gentle reminders to your customers to pay up before an invoice becomes overdue
  • Stop dealing with customers who refuse to pay on time. Ensure that you take legal action on customers who have failed to continually pay on time
  • Get your business funding from your investors

Tips on how to deal with your payables:
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Take Advantage of your Data with Data Mining

Today, almost every organization complains of the same problem – Tons and tons of data, with no time to sift through it and find out the information that really matters. As you might already know, without access to the right data, you cannot make informed business decisions, improve your way of working or maintain the critical aspects of your company. What can be the solution to this problem? Data Mining is the answer and is something that your company should definitely opt for.

Data mining is the process of sifting or mining through a huge pile of data and making sense of it. If data mining is something that you have no know-how about, then it is best outsourced to a service provider in India. Moreover, if data mining is carried out in-house, it can take up a lot of your time, resources and money.  Outsourcing data mining on the other hand is fast, easy, affordable and convenient!

Data mining can help your business in 8 unique ways

With an accurate interpretation of your data, you can:

  • Make better and informed business decisions
  • Improve your current processes
  • Ensure better quality in your work
  • Satisfy your customers and improve your interaction with them
  • Increase your profitability
  • Identify fraud and improve your risk management
  • Get information on customer trending
  • Get better insights on your research

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Stop Business Failures with a Cash Flow Statement

If you want your company to experience success and get ahead of competing rivals, then you need to effectively manage your cash flow. Predicting your company’s cash requirements ahead of time or at critical times and implementing the right measures can help you steer clear of business failures.

But what if cash flow management does not fall under your area of expertise? Or maybe you have no time to focus on your cash flow? You can consider outsourcing cash flow management to an expert in India. No matter the type of your industry or the size of your company, you can avail a flexible cash flow management service from India.

9 ways through which outsourcing can improve your cash flow

  • Get accurate predictions on your cash flows
  • Effectively manage your cash flow daily
  • Handle financial risks with ease
  • Easily maintain a electronic fund transfer system
  • Review and evaluate your current banking expenditures
  • Negotiate contracts for your financial and banking sector
  • Benefit from fraud control programs
  • Get a tailor-made cash flow solution as per the requirements of your business
  • Reach your financial goals with ease and efficiently handle your business activities with accurate cash flow statements and reports

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Why Choose India for Legal Drafting & Analysis?

Are non-core legal activities like legal drafting, legal documentation or legal analysis robbing your law firm of precious hours?  Outsourcing such legal functions to India can be the answer to your problems. Not only can your law firm or corporate legal department enjoy over 50% cost savings, but can also get access to accurate legal drafts or documents within a relatively short turnaround time.

Initially, India was known only as an IT outsourcing destination. However, this has drastically changed over the past few years, with India being voted as the most “preferred” legal outsourcing destination by legal firms in Europe, US and UK.  India’s talented legal professionals, low cost of labor and unique 12 hour time difference has transformed the nation into one of the world’s largest providers of back-office legal functions.

Time-consuming legal activities that India can handle

Drafting legal pleadings, documenting discovery documents, preparing pleadings or analyzing legal information can take up a countless numbers of hours and effort. This can shift your law firm’s focus away from core legal activities. The following is a list of time- consuming and non-core legal activities, that your law firm  or corporate legal department can think about outsourcing to India:

  • Drafting legal summons and complaints
  • Drafting legal responsive pleadings and answers
  • Drafting legal correspondences
  • Editing and proof-reading legal agreements
  • Preparing deposition notices and subpoenas
  • Drafting legal deposition questions and outlines
  • Drafting discovery documents
  • Drafting legal memoranda and briefs
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5 Reasons Why Outsourcing is Here to Stay

Even though the tech services industry may be in the middle of a downturn, outsourcing is not going anywhere, as it offers too many benefits. Outsourcing, now a staple business practice is not likely to meet its end in the near future. Here are five reasons why outsourcing is here to stay:

1. Make considerable cost savings

Although the cost of labor and other related costs are rising in popular outsourcing destinations like India, Brazil and Easter Europe, it is still considerably cheaper to offshore work, than to do it domestically. The recent data collected by Staff. Com has shown that while a senior programmer in the U.S may charge $90,000, the very same work can cost as low as $14,000 in India.

2. Fill the skills gap

You might have heard the same story from most technology giants. It has become extremely difficult to find workers with specialized skills in key areas like data analysis, the cloud and mobility to name a few. Global companies and businesses are still turning towards outsourcers to fill the gap, as it is tough to get access to good talent right now. Until the supply increases, outsourcing is definitely something that tech companies will be looking forward to. Continue reading