Pros and Cons of Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO)

Are you planning to outsource LPO services to India? Before you outsource, find out about the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing legal processes.

LPO or Legal Process Outsourcing refers to the process wherein law firms and legal corporations outsource their legal processes to an offshore service provider. Outsourcing is a great way for legal firms/departments to significantly reduce their cost and increase their efficiency at the same time.

With legal process outsourcing come many advantages and a few disadvantages. If you are keen on outsourcing a part or your entire gamut of legal processing work, read more to find out about the advantages and disadvantages of legal process outsourcing.

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Q & A on Legal Process Outsourcing

Read these questions and answers on legal process outsourcing to find out more about outsourcing LPO services to India.

Does your corporate legal department want to outsource a few of your legal functions and start focussing on your core business activities? If yes, look towards India for high-quality, cost-effective and fast legal process outsourcing services. If your legal firm is new to the concept of outsourcing to India, you may want to know to more about legal process outsourcing services, the benefits you can leverage and what you can expect by outsourcing legal services to India.

You can now get all your questions answered by reading the following questions and answers on legal process outsourcing.

1. What is legal process outsourcing (LPO)?

LPO or legal process outsourcing refers to the practice of a corporate legal department or a law firm outsourcing legal services to a third-party company that specialises in offering legal support services.

2. Can any business corporation use legal outsourcing services?

Yes. No matter the size or nature of your business, you can outsource legal outsourcing to India. Over the last decade several law firms and in-house legal departments have been successfully outsourcing legal services to India.

3. What are the top three advantages of outsourcing legal services?

  • Huge cost savings: Since there is a marked difference in the cost of labor between India and the U.S for professional services, outsourcing can bring in huge cost savings. For example, the cost of locating a qualified attorney and then proving training can be very expensive. However, when you outsource, you need not spend on recruiting and training costs.
  • 24/7 services: India has a unique 12 hour time difference with the US. This makes it possible for your legal firm to avail 24/7 services. You can send in your work in the night and have them ready by the next morning!
  • Large talent pool: Outsourcing to India can give you access to a large pool of trained and qualified attorneys who will provide you with error-free services, within your deadline.

4. Why choose India for legal outsourcing services?

As per recent surveys, India is the most favoured destination for LPO services among legal firms located in the US, UK and Europe. India’s qualified lawyers with knowledge about the US common law system, favourable time zone difference and fluency in the English language have made India popular when it comes to legal services.

5. Will outsourcing legal services to India mean a compromise on quality?

Not at all. You can be assured about high quality services, since the Indian lawyers who will be working for you have a thorough understanding about the American legal system and are given intensive training before commencing work on a project. When you outsource to India, you can be absolutely sure about quality. Continue reading

5 New LPO Functions That Your Law Firm Can Outsource!

Did you know that Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) is one of the biggest and most active areas for outsourcing in today’s business market? From large legal firms to small legal departments in corporations, almost everyone is outsourcing. LPO comprises of all the things that lawyers have to do on a regular basis. The amount of non-legal work that can pile up is huge! This can eat up time and effort that can otherwise be spent on representing clients in the court, providing legal opinions and approving the final legal drafts of contracts to name a few.

If your law firm has not yet started outsourcing, then it’s time to give LPO a rethink. Today, LPO is no longer only about legal drafting, law office management, litigation support or legal document management.  Here are five new LPO functions that your law firm can outsource:

1. Legal writing: Law is all about documents and this includes millions of briefs, pleadings and memorandum. Legal writing involves a lot of work, as the documents not only need to be created, but also have to be mailed, filed and emailed into document management systems.

2. Legal summaries:  The need for well-written legal summaries of documents like depositions is another area that is getting popular in the legal scene.  Creating a good summary, takes time and effort that can be otherwise spent on core legal functions. Continue reading