Top 6 Cross-platform App Development Frameworks

With a plethora of mobile devices proliferating the consumer landscape, the demand for mobile applications which can give businesses an opportunity to interact with their customers and provide them hassle free services is increasing greatly. Today, the mobile landscape is dominated by iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platforms, as a result of which it is becoming increasingly difficult for organizations to zero down on a particular mobile operating system to build their app.

In such a scenario, cross-platform development offers an incredible solution by facilitating the development for all the leading mobile platforms simultaneously. However, cost savings and convenience are not the only factors which attract organizations towards cross-platform development. The exponential increase in the business’s reach and the rapid time to market are also among the chief driving factors. Furthermore, the availability of several cross-platform app development frameworks with diverse features makes it easy to develop highly functional and engrossing mobile apps.

Here are the top 6 cross-platform mobile app development frameworks:

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