5 Reasons Why Outsourcing is Here to Stay

Even though the tech services industry may be in the middle of a downturn, outsourcing is not going anywhere, as it offers too many benefits. Outsourcing, now a staple business practice is not likely to meet its end in the near future. Here are five reasons why outsourcing is here to stay:

1. Make considerable cost savings

Although the cost of labor and other related costs are rising in popular outsourcing destinations like India, Brazil and Easter Europe, it is still considerably cheaper to offshore work, than to do it domestically. The recent data collected by Staff. Com has shown that while a senior programmer in the U.S may charge $90,000, the very same work can cost as low as $14,000 in India.

2. Fill the skills gap

You might have heard the same story from most technology giants. It has become extremely difficult to find workers with specialized skills in key areas like data analysis, the cloud and mobility to name a few. Global companies and businesses are still turning towards outsourcers to fill the gap, as it is tough to get access to good talent right now. Until the supply increases, outsourcing is definitely something that tech companies will be looking forward to. Continue reading