Why Hire Oracle DBAs Through Outsourcing?

Today, the leader of databases is undoubtedly Oracle. The versatility, reliability, grid architecture and clustering technology have made Oracle the first choice for several organizations.  However, the downside is finding dedicated Oracle database administrators who can apply the unique features of Oracle to suit your distinct business requirements. Now, the question is how do you find Oracle database consultants with the right skill sets?

This is where outsourcing comes into the picture. Through outsourcing, you can hire Oracle database administrators who can help you with any requirement, be it designing/developing databases or migrating a database across a platform. With the undivided attention of a dedicated team of database administrators, you can be sure to see the successful completion of your project.

Skills of dedicated DBAs

By opting for Oracle staffing services, you can tap into the skill of expert DBAs who are well-versed with the latest technologies that include, Grids, Cluster Ready Services, Real Application Clusters, Recovery Manager, Oracle Enterprise Managers and STATSPACK to name a few.

A dedicated Oracle DBA can help your company with anything and everything, such as, installing the Oracle application, planning out storage requirements, creating table spaces, modifying the database structure, managing the system security, ensuring compliance, monitoring user access, optimizing the performance of the database, charting out backup plans and restoring the database to name a few. Continue reading