4 Reasons to Switch to Omnichannel Customer Support

Investing in omnichannel customer support can help you save on cost, time and effort, while helping you reach out to more customers via varied channels. Find out how your enterprise can benefit by switching to omnichannel customer support.

Omnichannel, the new word in the call center vocabulary goes beyond just another channel for customers. It means moving beyond the voice channel into new territory. It refers to a seamless customer experience from one channel to another. Here is why your enterprise should consider investing into omnichannel customer services.

Since customer requirements are constantly changing, phone support alone will not be enough to attend to customer needs in the future. Already, over 53% of customers prefer live chat over phone services, as revealed by a recent ICMI survey. This means, if your product/services is a good candidate for live chat and you are not employing it, your enterprise will not be meeting more than half of your customers’ expectations in terms of customer services. Live chat is just one such example. Customers of today also prefer to connect to enterprises via other popular channels like webinars, YouTube, forums, social media etc.

Here are four reasons to switch to omnichannel customer support:

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