5 Popularly Outsourced Call Center Services

Do you want to outsource call center services, but do know which ones to outsource? Here is list of the 5 popularly outsourced call center services to help you decide.

Customer support services can either be inbound (where a customer calls to resolve their issues, register complaints or avail more information) or it can be outbound (where call center agents call prospective customers to sell products/services to get feedback or to conduct a survey).

Call center services, being a niche field, requires skilled customer support executives, a large infrastructure and cutting-edge calling technology. All this can be very expensive, not to mention the huge amount of time and energy that has to be invested.  This is why companies prefer outsourcing call center services, so that they can focus more on their core business ventures.

When outsourcing call center services, you can choose to outsource either inbound or outbound services.  Here are the five customer support services that most companies opt to outsource.

1. Lead Generation Services

The process of making calls to a database of people and finding out how many are interested in a company’s products/services is known as lead generation. This service is pre-requisite for good sales and is one of the most popular call center services. If a person is interested, he/she would become a qualified lead and such leads would be handed over to the sales department of the company for a follow-up.

2. Appointment Setting

Appointment setting, another popular call center service revolves around calling up prospective candidates who are shortlisted through a lead generation process. Next, an appointment is set up with the customer’s company sales representative. Outsourcing this service can help you save both effort and time.

3. Third Party Collections

This is yet another call center service that several banks and financial institutions opt for. Through third party collections a financial institution can recover their money from their debtors. The call center provider is paid a commission based on the amount of money they are able to recover. Continue reading

Should your Business use Business Analysis?

Do you wish to establish project requirements, eliminate rework and ensure that your stakeholders are on board? Read on to find out more about business analysis.

In today’s competitive business world, almost every project is measured by its ROI (Return on Investment) So, how do you ensure a great return on investment? The ideal way to do this would be to infuse business analysis into your business efforts. Using business analysis can drastically increase the success ratio of your project. Whether you wish to establish project requirements or to eliminate rework or even to ensure that your stakeholders are on board, your best bet would be to turn to business analysis.

What is business analysis?

Business analysis refers to the practice of making changes in an organization, by defining the needs of a company and recommending apt solutions that would deliver value to the company’s stakeholders. Business analysis is usually performed by using a set of techniques and tasks that are used as a liaison among stakeholders to effectively understand the policies, structure and operations of a company and to offer solutions that will help the company achieve its goals.

What does business analysis involve?

Business analysis involves understanding how an organization functions in order to accomplish its goals and defining the capabilities that an organization requires to provide products/services to external stakeholders. Right from defining the goals, to understanding how to connect the goals to specific objects and determining the courses of action that an organization has to undertake to achieve the goals business analysis can effectively be used.

Why do businesses use business analysis?

Most business use business analysis to identify and articulate the need for change in how an organization must work. Business analysis is usually performed to understand the present state of an organization or to serve as a basis for the later identification of business requirements. However, in many cases business analysis is performed to define effective solutions that would meet business objectives, needs or goals. Continue reading

Q & A on Legal Process Outsourcing

Read these questions and answers on legal process outsourcing to find out more about outsourcing LPO services to India.

Does your corporate legal department want to outsource a few of your legal functions and start focussing on your core business activities? If yes, look towards India for high-quality, cost-effective and fast legal process outsourcing services. If your legal firm is new to the concept of outsourcing to India, you may want to know to more about legal process outsourcing services, the benefits you can leverage and what you can expect by outsourcing legal services to India.

You can now get all your questions answered by reading the following questions and answers on legal process outsourcing.

1. What is legal process outsourcing (LPO)?

LPO or legal process outsourcing refers to the practice of a corporate legal department or a law firm outsourcing legal services to a third-party company that specialises in offering legal support services.

2. Can any business corporation use legal outsourcing services?

Yes. No matter the size or nature of your business, you can outsource legal outsourcing to India. Over the last decade several law firms and in-house legal departments have been successfully outsourcing legal services to India.

3. What are the top three advantages of outsourcing legal services?

  • Huge cost savings: Since there is a marked difference in the cost of labor between India and the U.S for professional services, outsourcing can bring in huge cost savings. For example, the cost of locating a qualified attorney and then proving training can be very expensive. However, when you outsource, you need not spend on recruiting and training costs.
  • 24/7 services: India has a unique 12 hour time difference with the US. This makes it possible for your legal firm to avail 24/7 services. You can send in your work in the night and have them ready by the next morning!
  • Large talent pool: Outsourcing to India can give you access to a large pool of trained and qualified attorneys who will provide you with error-free services, within your deadline.

4. Why choose India for legal outsourcing services?

As per recent surveys, India is the most favoured destination for LPO services among legal firms located in the US, UK and Europe. India’s qualified lawyers with knowledge about the US common law system, favourable time zone difference and fluency in the English language have made India popular when it comes to legal services.

5. Will outsourcing legal services to India mean a compromise on quality?

Not at all. You can be assured about high quality services, since the Indian lawyers who will be working for you have a thorough understanding about the American legal system and are given intensive training before commencing work on a project. When you outsource to India, you can be absolutely sure about quality. Continue reading

Should You Outsource Mortgage Pre-processing?

Outsourcing mortgage pre-processing services can put you in touch with experts who will accurately order and review all the required forms. 

Are you a broker or lender in need of pre-processing services for your home loan process? Outsourcing mortgage pre-processing services can put you in touch with experts who will accurately order and review all the required forms, appraisal orders and CAIVRS authorization, apart from also checking the rate lock. Through outsourcing, you can quickly complete all the required steps in the home loan process on time and go a step ahead of your competitors.

Still not convinced if outsourcing can handle everything in the mortgage pre-processing process? Unsure if you should outsource or do it all yourself? Read on to find out more about the steps involved in mortgage pre-processing and if you should consider outsourcing.

1. 1003 reviews

Usually, lenders use the 1003 forms to record important financial information about an applicant who requires a conventional mortgage. When you outsource mortgage pre-processing, an expert in India would review your 1003 forms to check for the completeness of the application and if all the details (date, signature, initials, borrower names, employment history and occupancy history) are included. This way, all your 1003 review forms can be processed quickly without delays.

2. Rate lock

Your mortgage service provider in India can also handle the process of locking the present interest rate for an applicant, over a specified period. You can also request for a complete rate lock process on a case to case basis.

3. Initial QC

Mortgage pre-processing professionals will conduct an initial QC, by checking for all the Pay Stubs, W2s and other such important documents. By opting for an initial QC, you can be absolutely sure that your loan application includes all the required details for the further processing of the loan. Continue reading

Top 4 Benefits of Outsourcing eLearning

When it comes to developing an elearning course, every company must answer this question: Should we outsource the elearning project or develop it in-house? Though the answer to this question will vary from company to company and largely depends on the requirements, goals and subject matter of the elearning course, there are definite benefits that come with outsourcing. Listed below are four benefits that your business can leverage when outsourcing elearning content development to India:

1. Tap into the skill sets and talents of professional elearning companies

With outsourcing, comes the exclusive opportunity of benefiting from the experience, skill sets and technical know-how of professional content development and elearning companies. For instance, if your internal team does not have adequate knowledge about a particular subject matter, a professional elearning company can help you with the ideas and concepts that you want to present. There are good chances that they have already carried out a similar elearning project in the past. This way, you can take full advantage of their knowledge and expertise. Apart from this, you can also leverage their singular elearning development and design skills, which would help your company come up with an effective elearning course.

2. Stop worrying about staffing issues, project glitches and tight deadlines

Since the offshore elearning company would be in charge of managing their instructional designers and making sure that the deadlines are met, you can stop worrying about staffing problems. While your business gets back to focussing on its core deliverables, you can be assured that your elearning course is getting done as per your plan. The elearning company would also be handling any project glitches that may crop up, which means that your company will not have to sort out any problems, just ahead of the deadline. Continue reading

Stop Business Failures with a Cash Flow Statement

If you want your company to experience success and get ahead of competing rivals, then you need to effectively manage your cash flow. Predicting your company’s cash requirements ahead of time or at critical times and implementing the right measures can help you steer clear of business failures.

But what if cash flow management does not fall under your area of expertise? Or maybe you have no time to focus on your cash flow? You can consider outsourcing cash flow management to an expert in India. No matter the type of your industry or the size of your company, you can avail a flexible cash flow management service from India.

9 ways through which outsourcing can improve your cash flow

  • Get accurate predictions on your cash flows
  • Effectively manage your cash flow daily
  • Handle financial risks with ease
  • Easily maintain a electronic fund transfer system
  • Review and evaluate your current banking expenditures
  • Negotiate contracts for your financial and banking sector
  • Benefit from fraud control programs
  • Get a tailor-made cash flow solution as per the requirements of your business
  • Reach your financial goals with ease and efficiently handle your business activities with accurate cash flow statements and reports

Continue reading

Looking for Answers to Complex Business Problems? Try Data Analytics

Did you know that your data can be integral in providing you with useful business insights and in helping you solve your business dilemmas? Yes, by evaluating the data about your customers, finances, employees or suppliers, you can find out a significant pattern that can aid you in making informed decisions about your company’s future.

With expert data analytics services from an experienced service provider like Outsource2india, you can stop taking chances and start making decisions that are backed up with evidence from your data.

What is data analytics?

The intricate process of cleaning, examining, modelling and altering the data of a business, so that useful information can be gleaned out is referred as data analytics. By segregating useful information from a huge pile of data, companies can arrive at the right conclusions for complex business ordeals. Data analytics can also reveal information on the trends within your data and its significance in relation to your competitors.

Data analytics can be used for any type of industry

Here are some examples of how data analytics can be used in accordance to the specific needs of different industries:

  • Banking and Finance Industry: Data analytics can help your bank with customer acquisition, cross-selling strategies, delinquency, recovery campaigns and customer segmentation.
  • Telecom Industry: With the use of data analytics you can analyze every area of the telecom lifecycle, starting with customer segmentation, customer affinity analysis, churning and retention and credit risk management.
  • Retail Industry: Data analytics is a handy tool to use if you are from the retail industry. It can help you with your sales analysis, out of stock analysis, lifetime value analysis, brand dynamics and category trends. Continue reading

How to Retain your Customers through Customer Support?

While catching the attention of new customers can be a battle, retaining existing customers can be an even more hard-to-achieve feat.  With high expectations and demands for premium quality services, customers of today are very difficult to impress.  Additionally, online social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have made it hard for companies to survive, as with comments/feedback from customers, a company’s reputation can either be lifted up or broken down. So, how do you retain your customers and keep them happy? The best way to build solid customer relationships and increase your brand loyalty is to establish effective communication channels between you and your customers.

If this does not fall under your area of expertise, you can always try outsourcing to a customer support company like Outsource2india. An experienced service provider will know which customer retention strategies to use based on the nature of your business. With quality email, chat and call services, you can be sure of your customers enjoying a pleasant experience across your delivery centers.

Customer retention services

The following is a list of some of the customer care and retention services that you can offer your customers by outsourcing:

  • Providing 24/7 toll free customer care
  • Cross-selling and up-selling programs
  • Quick resolutions of complaints and other issues
  • Providing billing information
  • Answering to investor account inquiries Continue reading

7 Reasons Why Your Business NEEDS a Professional Website

Many small to midsize business owners believe that their business cannot benefit from a professionally developed business website. Several business owners are also under the impression that their prospective customers will not go searching for a website. These are misconceptions. Here are seven reasons to show you why your business requires a professional business website, irrespective of the size or nature of your business:

1. Gain credibility

Unlike in the past, customers of today, use the internet to search for services/products. Your business can gain better credibility by owning a professional-looking website, instead of a poorly designed site. Prospective customers will most likely choose your competitors over you, if you lack a website.

2. Save on cost

If you think that you cannot afford a business website, then you must think again, as making a one-time investment in a business website can be much cheaper that regularly advertising in newspapers or magazines. Moreover, a business website is a convenient and cost-effective way to market your services/products and promote your brand to a larger number of consumers.

3. Keep your customers informed

With a business website, you can very easily and quickly update any new information related to your products/services. This way, you can inform your customers about your new products, special offers or upcoming business events. Unlike print ads, which can very quickly become outdated, your business website can offer the latest news and information about your company. Continue reading