3 Top Picks for Cloud-Based Accounting

Your small business or new start-up does not need expensive accounting software to manage bookkeeping, a general ledger and other such basic accounting tasks. You can take your pick from these three reasonably priced cloud solutions.

As the owner of a small business, you need not buy expensive accounting programs or trouble yourself with complicated reports. With the cloud accounting services available today (accounting software that is stored and accessed online), the entire accounting process has become simplified. Not only can you get your general ledger created, but you can also receive invoices and view your purchase history or business inventory. You will also not have to worry about data back-ups or upgrades, as these will be taken care of by the vendor.

Here are three cloud accounting service options that not only cost a meagre $20 a month, but are also easy to use by business owners with little or no experience in handling accounting functions.

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