Physical Prototyping Vs. Virtual Prototyping: Which Should You Choose?

Virtual prototyping enables faster time to market, quicker software development and increase in functionality throughout the supply chain. Read this blog post to compare physical prototyping with virtual prototyping.

Today engineering simulation has been quickly replacing traditional testing techniques. This shift is a welcoming one as virtual prototyping offers a lot of advantages over physical prototyping. Should your engineering enterprise choose virtual prototyping over physical prototyping? Let us find out by evaluating the pros and cons of physical prototyping and virtual prototyping.

Physical prototyping

One of the oldest product development practices is to produce multiple physical prototypes and then test them. Although there are benefits, rapid prototyping can be impossible, inefficient or even impractical. This is especially true for early concept models where quick and frequent changes are required. Virtual prototyping would be far more useful and cost-efficient in such cases. Even during later product development stages, where there would be a lot of reviewing and refining, physical prototypes will prove to be expensive and time-consuming.

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