Raster Vs Vector Images: Which to Use?

Raster images are made up of several pixels, while vector images are made up of paths, created by a mathematical formula. Find out the primary difference between the two in this interesting blog post on raster and vector images.

Many designers, engineers, builders and architects want to know the difference between raster and vector? The answers you get may be as confusing as the names raster and vector. It is time to put a stop to the myths and misinformation and present you with the real difference between a raster and a vector image.

Understanding raster and vector images

A raster image is made up with pixels, each having a different color and arranged to display an image. On the other hand, a vector image is made up of paths, each with a mathematical formula that tells the path how it is to be shaped and what color it should be bordered or filled with. One key difference between the two is that a raster image will be unable to retain its appearance, once it size increases. However, vector images can retain their appearances, regardless of the size, since formulas are being used to specify how the image is to be rendered.

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