5 Useful Tips on How to Record Audio for Business Transcription

You have setup your recording equipment and are all set to start recording a business meeting, panel discussion or interview. You plan on sending the audio recording for transcription to India. But if you’re audio recording has faint voices, over speaking or a loud background noise, then the quality of the business transcription can suffer.

If you want your business transcription to be error free, then you must aim at recording an audio file which has a single person speaking at a time, no disturbing background noise and with all the participating speakers evenly heard.  Use the following five useful tips to record audio for transcription.

1. Eliminate background noise:  Select a soundproof and enclosed room to record your meeting or panel discussion.  Either remove or switch of ticking clocks, buzzing tube lights, noisy fans/air conditioners or creaking chairs and tables.  If you are having your meeting in a cafe, make sure that you are not sitting next to an open window or a music speaker.  Even unnoticeable factors like high ceilings or hardwood floors can create a noise in the background.  Microphones can very easily pick up background noise, so it is better to minimize background noise wherever possible.

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