Three Big Benefits of Route Optimization for Your Shipping Enterprise

Sharp reduction in costs, on-time deliveries and happy customers are the three biggest benefits that a shipping enterprise can gain from outsourcing route optimization services. Read this blog post to find out more.

Did you know that route optimization can streamline your processes, minimizes fuel costs and improve the overall efficiency of your business? Almost any type of shipping enterprise can benefit greatly from route optimization as it can help any logistics organization to make fast and accurate deliveries and fulfill consignee demands.

The science behind route optimization is simple. Computer algorithms and analytics are used to identify the most efficient route for a delivery based on variables like distance, traffic congestion, closest drivers, turns and intersections. With the route easily determined, the fleet manager of a shipping enterprise will be able to automatically assign routes.

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How Route Optimization Can Help Your Business In 3 Practical Ways

Did you know that route optimization can not only help you save on cost, but can also improve your overall efficiency? Read this blog post to find out three practical ways where route optimization can help you.

Route optimization can help you determine the most cost-efficient route that your technicians should take. However, it is more complex than just finding the shortest path between two points. Route optimization should be able to include relevant factors like the number of turns/intersections, best/nearest driver to dispatch on the route, traffic congestion and the best access to stops on the route. There are specialized route optimization software which have the ability to test several scenarios to help fleets quickly review the cost of varied route options and the availability of resources.

According to research, the idle time of an average technician was as high as 40% just a few years ago. On an average, as much as 3.2 hours of a technician’s day was wasted. Today, you can lower the idle time of your technician with route optimization. Route optimization can reduce idle time, improve productivity and optimize rules, all essential components to make your organization more successful. Here are three practical ways how route optimization can help your business.

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