5 Steps to Successful Transcription Outsourcing

Accuracy, on-time delivery and cost-effective services are the key things that you have to look for in a transcription service provider. The most frustrating thing while outsourcing is to hire a company that offers low quality transcripts or slow services. So, how do you narrow down your search to find the perfect transcription service provider? How do you outsource transcription services? Here are five easy steps that you can use to select the right transcription company for your business and be assured of quality transcripts:

Step 1: Understand your transcription needs

Before you start hunting for a transcription company, find out your exact transcription requirements. Does a high level of accuracy matter to you? What is the turnaround time that you want? What is the cost that you are willing to pay? Finding out the answers to such questions can help you figure out the ideal transcription vendor for your company. There are overseas transcription companies in countries like China or The Philippines who may offer low cost services, but the transcripts may come with errors, due to language barriers.

Step 2: Research your options

After you have understood your transcription needs, start researching your options. You can search in Google for “Transcription services in India”. The search results will bring up an extensive list of companies offering transcription in India. Take some time off to go through the websites of the service providers and review the services offered. This way, you can weigh your options before you outsource.

Step 3: Talk to a representative

Before you fill in the contact us form on a website, talk or chat (live chat) with a representative from the company. Ask questions about their accuracy level, quality control processes, turnaround time, transcribers and security. Ask for references, you can call up. Also insist on a free trial. This way, you can check the service provider’s level of accuracy and expertise, before getting committed to them. Continue reading

What Is Transcription And Why Your Business Needs It?

At your workplace, there may be several occasions when you may be using an audio recording to capture what is being spoken during a board meeting, discussion, interview or brainstorming session. Such audio recordings can make sure that your records stay up-to-date, but they will be of very little use if they remain in the audio format. Converting your audio recordings into text, through transcription can help you document your information for making easy references and for future utilization.

Rather than get your personal secretary or other staff members to transcribe for your firm, you can outsource transcription services to a service provider who has skilled transcribers and access to the latest transcription software and technology. Moreover, you can also avail transcription services in specific areas like business transcription, meeting transcription, conference transcription and even interview transcription.

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